Planning & Zoning


There are certain development processes which require review not only by city staff but also by the Planning & Zoning Commission prior to a vote of the City Council.

The P&Z Commission serves as the recommendation board to the City Council.

For your reference, please see information about building codes and standards at the links below.

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Codes & Standards


Rezone and Annexation Process

Required Documents to be Submitted with Application:

  • Ownership Report (certified by a Title Company) identifying owner(s) of all fee interests of record
  • Legal Description(s) for all area(s) to be rezoned (Microsoft Word Format)
  • Payment of application fee in amount of $250.00

Typical Timeline

Preparation Phase (Approx. 30 days)

  • Application received for staff review and preparation for hearings
  • Provide notice of hearing for publication in a local newspaper at least 15
  • Provide notice of hearing to all owners of real estate with 185 of subject
  • Posting of notice of public hearing sign on the subject property

Hearing Phase (Approx. 20 days)

  • Publicly held before Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Planning & Zoning Commission makes Finding of Facts and recommendation
  • First Reading of ordinance by City Council
  • Second Reading of ordinance and final passage by City Council


Zoning & Special Use $250.00
Lot Split/Minor Subdivision $150.00
Annexation $500.00
Board of Adjustment $200.00
Vacation of Easement $100.00
Preliminary Plat $350.00 (plus $1.00 per lot)
Final Plat $200.00 (plus $1.00 per lot)


Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings are held the first Monday of each month beginning at 7 pm at City Hall. In case the Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be moved to the Tuesday following. Learn more about the P&Z Commission:

P&Z Meeting Documents