Building Permits


Whether you are building new construction, remodeling a structure, adding an accessory structure to your property (such as a shed, fence, pool, deck, storm shelter etc.), or infilling into an existing commercial space, most construction projects will require a building permit. Permits are required to ensure that structures in Nixa are built correctly per city building codes for safety. Our city planners and building inspectors will review your construction plans and check the progress of the project to ensure it is built properly not only on behalf of the current property owner, but to ensure that minimum safety and quality standards were met as a reassurance to your neighbors and any future buyer of the property.

Construction in The City of Nixa must follow:

  • 2018 International Building Codes
  • 2017 National Electric Codes

Once you’ve received your building permit, you will need to contact us when you are ready to schedule your building inspection(s). You may do so from our Building Inspection Scheduling online form, or by calling the Inspection Scheduling Hotline at 417-724-5775

Permit Type

What type of permit will my project require?

Whether you are planning a residential or commercial project, follow the buttons below to learn about the requirements for each permit type.

Find the fees associate with each permit type by selecting the “Permit Fees” tab above.

How do I apply for a permit?

Residential and Commercial building permits may be applied for by using myNixa (BSA-online) but not all permit processes can be completed through this portal. Any homeowner may use myNixa to apply for permits without setting up a BSA-online account.

You may also apply for permits by downloading the PDF application forms and submitting them in person at City Hall along with supporting documentation and payment. To find the PDF forms, start by selecting either the “Residential Permits” or “Commercial Permits” button above to search for the permit type applicable to your project.

Do I need a Contractor’s License?

You will need a Contractor’s License if you are building in the City of Nixa. The application fee is $50 with an annual renewal fee of $25 if applied for within the next calendar year. The City of Nixa requires contractors to provide proof of Worker’s Compensation. If a contractor does not have Worker’s Compensation, you will need to sign an Affidavit of Exemption in the presence of a Notary Public. The City of Nixa will provide a Notary free of charge at City Hall.

We also highly recommend contractors set up a Contractor Account in myNixa (BSA-online). This will allow you to view the status of all Nixa permits you’ve been issued, and you’ll be able to log-in to check the latest building inspection reports. When you are logged in to your account, you will also be able to apply for new permits without having to re-enter all your personal/business information, saving you time.

Permit Fees

Residential Single Family (and Duplex) Building Permit Fees

All of the following fees would apply to any new single family home construction, including duplexes. Any residential construction with more than 2 families is considered a commercial building.

Residential New Construction$0.37/square foot
Electric Meter$90.00 for a 200 AMP meter
Water Meter$165.00 for a 3/4″ Meter
Sewer Hookup$15.00
Sewer ImpactFor single-family: Varies based on meter size (See sewer impact fee table.)
For duplex and multi-family: $609 per unit.
Police ImpactFor single-family: $106.00
For duplex and multi-family: $106 per unit.
Park ImpactFor single-family: $435.00
For duplex and multi-family: $307 per unit.
Plan Review$50.00

Residential Remodel Permit Fees

Any of the following fees may apply to a residential remodel project, depending on the work being done. Projects which would be considered a remodel include projects such as enclosing a patio or sunroom, taking down walls, adding a wall, and/or moving electric, mechanical (heating and/or air), or plumbing.

Residential Remodel$0.37/square foot
with mechanical addition (heating & air)$40.00
with plumbing addition$40.00
with electric addition$40.00

Other Residential Permit Fees

Any of the following fees may apply to a residential project depending on the work being done.

In-ground Pool$160.00
Temporary Signs$25.00
Storm Shelter$80.00

Commercial Permit Fees

All of the following fees will apply to a new commercial building project.

Commercial New Construction$0.25/square foot
Electric MeterVaries based on meter size (See Electric Meter Fee table.)
Water MeterVaries based on meter size (See Water Meter Fee table.)
Sewer Hookup$20.00
Commercial Building Sewer ImpactVaries based on meter size (See Sewer Impact Fee table.)
Commercial Building Police ImpactVaries based on anticipated impacts. (See Commercial Police Impact Fee table.)
Plan ReviewCity of Nixa passes along the bill from our 3rd party plan reviewer. (Architect, Engineer, or Master Code Reviewer, depending on the specific needs of the project.)
Multi-Family Sewer Impact$609 per unit.
Multi-Family Police Impact$106 per unit.
Multi-Family Parks Impact$307 per unit.

Other Commercial Permit Fees

These fees apply to certain businesses and situations.

Temporary Signs$25.00
Fireworks Stand$100.00
Special Events These fees depend on various factors. Contact us regarding your special event plans.

Commercial Building Remodel (Infill with Changes)

Any of the following fees may apply to a commercial remodel project, depending on the work being done.

Commercial Building Remodel$0.25/square foot
with electric addition$60.00
with plumbing addition$60.00
with mechanical addition (heating & air) $60.00
Plan ReviewCity of Nixa passes along the bill from our 3rd party plan reviewer. (Architect, Engineer, or Master Code Reviewer, depending on the specific needs of the project.)

Commercial Infill without Changes

If you are moving into an existing commercial space without remodeling, you only need to apply for a commercial infill without changes. You may still paint and change flooring for example. However, adding or removing walls, adding or moving electric, plumbing, or mechanical mean the project is considered a remodel.

Commercial Infill w/o changes $60.00

Planning & Zoning Process Fees

The following fees apply to certain planning & zoning processes.

Zoning & Special Use$250.00
Preliminary Plat$350.00 + $1 per lot
Final Plat$200.00 + $1 per lot
Lot Split/Minor Subdivision$150.00
Board of Adjustment$200.00
Vacation of Easement$100.00

Electric Meter Fees per Meter Size

200 AMP$90.00
400 AMP$185.00
3 Phase$575.00

Water Meter Fees per Meter Size

3/4″ Meter – Installed by Developer$165.00
3/4″ Meter – Installed by the City$1,200.00
1″ Meter – Installed by the Developer$290.00
1″ Meter – Installed by the City$1,500.00
2″ Meter – Installed by the Developer$660.00
2″ Meter – Installed by the City$3,500.00

Sewer Impact Fees per Meter Size


Miscellaneous Permit Fees

Any permit not covered by the other defined permit types and fees will be covered under the miscellaneous fees. Example projects include:

  • Adding a charger for electric vehicle
  • Sewer or water line repair
  • Upgrading electrical
  • Installing a generator
Project Cost $0 – $1,000$20.00
Project Cost $1,001 – $4,999$20.00 + $4 per thousand after first $1,000.
Project Cost $5,000 and up$36.00 + $2 per thousand after first $1,000.

Commercial Police Impact Fees (per 1,000 square feet of floor)

Commercial Shopping Center 25,000 sq. ft. or less$389.42
Commercial Shopping Center 25,001 – 50,000 sq. ft.$359.35
Commercial Shopping Center 50,001 – 100,000 sq. ft.$312.94
Commercial Shopping Center 100,001 sq. ft. and larger$269.59
General Office 10,000 sq. ft. or less$179.49
General Office 10,001 – 25,000 sq. ft.$144.92
General Office 25,001 sq. ft. and larger$123.39
Nursing Home$45.90
Business Park$100.99
Light Industrial$55.16
Churches$19.78 (w/o weekday school or daycare)
Lodging (per room)$65.00
Day Care (per student)$35.00