Our Government

Organizational Structure of the Nixa Municipal Government

The City of Nixa has a Mayor/City Administrator form of government. Nixa is also a Home Rule Charter city, meaning it is able to self-govern to the greatest extent allowed by the State of Missouri.

Citizens from all three council districts elect the Mayor. Residents of each district also elect two council members from their district to represent them on the city council. The Mayor and Council Members are volunteer positions, they are not considered city staff and are not paid to perform their role as a full-time position. Rather, they are only paid a stipend to cover some of the costs associated with their public service.

The Mayor and Council appoint the City Administrator, who is in charge of the city’s day-to-day operations in a full-time salaried position. The City Administrator is responsible for all other city staff. The Mayor and Council also appoint the City Attorney, City Clerk, and Chief of Police, however, these positions report directly to the City Administrator regarding day-to-day operations.

Nixa’s Home Rule Charter defines the roles & responsibilities, checks & balances, powers & limitations of all these elected and appointed positions in the municipal government. Learn more about how Nixa’s municipal government is structured by reading the Home Rule Charter.