Bring your business to Nixa

Let’s multiply your business by the power of Nixa!

Whether you are a business owner, site selector, developer or franchisee, the City of Nixa is eager to work with you to help your business become established in Nixa. Our goal is to help businesses enter our community as smoothly and easily as possible, while ensuring your Nixa location is a good fit for you and a benefit to our entire community.

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Step 1: Talk with our Business Concierge

Once our community is on your radar as a possible future business location, please contact our business concierge immediately. Call Nixa City Hall at 417-725-3785 and ask to speak with our business concierge or set an appointment by sending an email to

This way we can quickly give you customized advice and guidance specific to your business plans. Every city is different and has unique circumstances. We have the local insights and the willingness to share everything we know to help you get started in Nixa. We also understand the importance of confidentiality to protect your business ideas while they are being developed.

In any community, plans for a new business location start to develop and then at a later stage, may be forced to make dramatic adjustments based on the realities of the local real-estate market, zoning and approved land uses, or codes and ordinances which business planners may not have been aware of initially. We are here to help you prevent these potentially costly setbacks and detours.

The sooner you contact our business concierge, the sooner we can share valuable information which can streamline your path to a successful grand opening. Every business is different which means their circumstances and specific needs are also unique. This is why the easiest way for us to get the right, relevant information to you and to be able to help you most effectively is to have a face-to-face or phone conversation ASAP.

We work closely with Show Me Christian County (our county’s economic development organization) and with the Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce to help you navigate all aspects of bringing your business into the community.

We also want to support your business to ensure you can thrive as you serve our residents. We’ll do everything we can to help you build connections and become an integral part of our community.