Stormwater Management


Did you know that MS4 stands for “municipal separate storm sewer system”?

The City of Nixa manages an MS4 which guides rainfall (a.k.a. stormwater) to local streams, rivers, lakes, and the aquifer which is the source of our drinking water.

MS4 management includes efforts to reduce pollution of stormwater in order to protect our drinking water and the environment.

We protect the water in our environment because we don’t want to kill fish and other wildlife. Also, we swim in and go fishing in our rivers and lakes; we need to keep the water safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires the city to renew its permit every 3 years to continue operating our MS4.

The City of Nixa stormwater drainage system includes a combination of storm sewer pipe, open ditches, culverts and detention areas directly related to roadways and conveyance areas. Though not all stormwater drainage areas are controlled by the City of Nixa, city crews are equipped to maintain a multitude of stormwater situations including the construction of new systems along roadways.

Help Reduce Water Pollution

Residents need to be aware that anything that goes into the stormwater drains goes directly into the James River and other natural water sources. Please don’t dump oil, household chemicals, and trash into the drains as they can contaminate our ground water supply.

If you see anyone dumping contaminants into storm drains or an area on the ground where stormwater could carry the contaminants downstream, please report it immediately.