Street Sweeping

The Nixa Street Department works hard to keep our roadways clean and safe. This often goes hand-in-hand with keeping waterways and other local areas clean as well. Street sweeping allows city staff to ensure trash, leaves, and other debris don’t end up in our stormwater drainage system and pollute our streams, rivers, and drinking water.

The sweeper runs all day, every day in the autumn months as leaves fall in the streets. Throughout the rest of the year, you can see it cleaning up around town as needed. The sweeper does not run if there is snow on the ground.

About the Sweeper

The most recent street sweeper, unveiled on October 15, 2021, features artwork created by previous 5th graders at John Thomas School of Discovery. The artwork is themed on the importance of preventing pollution of our waterways. The new sweeper is a 2021 Elgin Regen W model and features a giant vacuum-like system which lifts debris off the streets into a hopper and can then be emptied into a dumpster for proper disposal. A giant vacuum hose on the back of the vehicle allows crews to clean out stormwater drains to prevent them from clogging up and exacerbating flash flooding issues. The sweeper provider is Key Equipment. The James River Basin Partnership assisted with the implementation of the student artwork.

Nixa Street Sweepers Feature Art from Nixa school students!