Stormwater System Maintenance

This Page Still Under Construction

Text should explain which departments address which aspects of stormwater issues from flooding to stormwater quality issues. Page needs to have contact info for Danny Newell the MS4 Coordinator and Jeff Roussell, street department superintendent. It also needs a button link to the “Fix It Request” page under service directory.


  • Stormwater box cleaning: (short text about this)
  • Stormwater ditch maintenance: (short text about this)
  • Stormwater retention basins: (short text about how the city doesn’t necessarily own these so who should you contact regarding cleaning trash and debris out of them so they don’t get clogged and cause flooding issues)
  • Other flooding issues: (see what else Danny or Jeff might want written here)

Photos Should Be Included To Show Examples Of What A Stormwater Box Is, And What A Retention Basin Is