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Looking for lost, stolen or seized property and wondering whether an item has been turned in or retrieved as found property to Nixa Police? Please complete our Property Inquiry form.

About Property Inquiries

Property and Evidence is located at Nixa Police Headquarters.

Property & Evidence FAQs

When can I claim my property that was taken for safekeeping

Owners must pick up any safekeeping and / or personal property items within 90 days of the item coming into our custody. If you need more time, call or write to request an extension.

When can I claim my property that was booked as evidence?

For all evidence held in which a person has been arrested or cited, we must receive a Property Disposition from the Christian County Prosecutor’s Office, even if the owner of the property was not arrested or his/her case is concluded. In some cases, the Prosecutor’s Office may not release items immediately, pending further investigation or appeals. Upon closure of the cases and receipt of necessary releases, an owner must pick up his / her property within 90 days.

What should I bring when I come to pick up my property?

In order to be helped in the most efficient manner, please bring your government-issued photo ID, along with your Nixa Police Department case number.

Can someone else come and pick up my property?

If you would like someone else to retrieve your property, we require a notarized letter of authorization from you. If you are picking up property of a person who is currently incarcerated, that person must write a letter authorizing you to pick up his / her property. For deceased owners, you must have paperwork showing you as the Executor of the Estate, or a will with a copy of a death certificate.

I live outside Nixa: Can I have my items mailed back to me?

In some circumstances, items can be mailed. The owner/requester may be required to cover all shipping costs. Please contact the Evidence Clerk for further details.

What do I need to do to get my firearm returned?

Government-issued photo ID, along with your Nixa Police Department case number is required. Any firearm releases require a thorough background investigation prior to release.

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This form is a way to inquire with the Nixa Police Department about lost, stolen or seized property and whether an item has been turned in or retrieved as found property. Once our staff has completed a search we will contact you with the results.

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