Fence Permit


All fences in Nixa must have a permit prior to construction.

Fence permit cost: $40.

City Code Section 105-60. Fences.

See the rules regarding fences in our online library of codes.

Fence Regulations

The following regulations apply to all fences to be constructed within the City.

  • Site Plan and Building Permit are required. No fence shall be permitted until all on-site utilities have been located and a permit has been issued in the manner now provided for by City Ordinance for the issuance of building permits.
  • Front yard fences: Except in districts zoned for commercial or industrial uses, no fence, barrier wall or other obstruction shall be placed or constructed between the parallel street right-of-way line and front setback line; however, it shall be permissible to construct a fence, which meets the following criteria.
    • Visibility through the fence shall not be less than fifty percent, and additionally
    • The fence shall not exceed forty-eight (48) inches in height when chain link or thirty six (36) inches when wood slats.
  • Permitted: Generally eight (8) foot limit. Except as set forth in this chapter, fences shall be permitted that do not exceed eight feet in height
  • Clearance from drainage easement, side-yard street frontage and meters, and gates required by Municipal Planner:
    • Fences on drainage easements are only allowed in the following circumstances:
      • A drainage easement surrounding a detention/retention pond may be fenced providing that a storm water engineer provides information demonstrating that fencing of the drainage easement will not diminish the ability of the detention/retention facility to function as designed. Fences meeting the above criteria must be constructed using a chain link or shadow box style fence.
      • A grass lined drainage easement may be fenced in circumstances where the grass lined ditch is designed to carry less than ten cubic feet per second of volume and has a drainage area of less than two and one half acres. Fences in a grass lined drainage easement meeting the above criteria must be constructed using a chain link or shadow box style fence.
    • Fences constructed along the side yard adjacent to a street shall have a minimum of 10 foot setback from the back of curb or setback to the property line, whichever is greater.
    • If the electric meter is on the side of the house, no fence shall be constructed which obstructs the ability to read the electric meter. In circumstances where fulfilling this requirement would prohibit a property owner from obtaining a fence permit, a fence permit may be released if a gate is installed or visibility is given through the fence to allow safe access to read and/or repair said meter.

Fence Site Plan Drawing:

See the sample fence site plan drawing below. Please draw a fence site plan of your own to demonstrate where you plan to place your fence, and return it with a completed permit application.

NOTE: Owner assumes all liability for location of fence.

Fence Site Plan Drawing
Sample Fence Site Plan Drawing

Ready to apply for your fence permit?

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