The municipal government administration includes the City Administrator, Assistant City Administrator, City Clerk’s office, and front desk staff at City Hall.

The City Administrator is responsible for the city’s day-to-day operations and leads all department heads. The City Administrator reports directly to the Mayor and City Council. Two assistant city administrators help the City Administrator with management and oversight of the city departments, guiding our team through special projects and managing day-to-day operations.

The City Clerk’s office is responsible for managing the official records of the City of Nixa, among various other administrative tasks.

Our administrative assistants at the front desk of City Hall serve as the customer service experts for most city business. They can even notarize your documents for free! Got a really hard question? They will direct you to the right subject matter expert or department for assistance with anything you need to accomplish. They report directly to the Assistant City Administrator.

Department Staff

Jimmy Liles
City Administrator

Jimmy Liles has served the City of Nixa since 1999, when he was hired as a Police Officer. Working his way through the ranks of our Police Department, he was appointed Chief of Police in 2014 and promoted to City Administrator by the city council in 2018. Mr. Liles leads all city staff in performing the duties outlined by our city charter and achieving the tasks assigned by the council. He is the fourth City Administrator to serve in the role since the position was created in 1988.

Cindy Robbins
Assistant City Administrator

Cindy Robbins is the city’s longest serving employee among current staff. Hired in 1989, she was appointed City Clerk in 2014 by City Council before being promoted in 2022 to become the city’s first full-time Assistant City Administrator. In this role, she assists the City Administrator with oversight of day-to-day operations and leading special projects. She also serves as the city’s business concierge, a liaison to assist businesses through any process they are navigating with the city.

Doug Colvin
Assistant City Administrator and Director of Nixa Utilities & Public Works

Doug Colvin has served the City of Nixa since 2004. As Director of Nixa Utilities and Public Works, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and planning for the city’s public works and utilities departments. He also serves as an Assistant City Administrator in a part-time capacity.

Rebekka Coffey
City Clerk

Rebekka Coffey has served the City of Nixa since 2016. She is responsible for maintaining the official records for the city, including meeting minutes, ordinances, contracts, proclamations and other important documents. She also serves as the city’s custodian of records, meaning all open records requests go through her office.