Sign Permit


Permanent signs must meet different requirements than temporary signs.

Cost of temporary sign permit: $25

Cost of permanent sign permit: $50

See the full city codes relevant to signs in our online code library.

Permanent Sign Restrictions and Requirements:

  • All permanent signs require a permit, applicant must demonstrate compliance with city code for permit to be issued.
  • Signage must be placed on private property, no sign shall be permitted on any city owned utility pole, on public rights-of-way, or within a site view triangle at an intersection.
  • The minimum set back from the curb is equal to the height of the sign.
  • Maximum Height by Zone (Free-Standing): 15’ for City Center (CC) and Office (O), 21’ for Neighborhood Commercial (NC) and General Commercial (GC), 35’ for Highway Commercial (HC).
  • Maximum size by Zone (Free Standing): 100sqft for CC and O, 200sqft for NC & GC , 400sqft for HC.
  • No more than 1 sign per street frontage, minimum of 50’ between signs when on different frontages.
  • Illumination is permitted. No strobes, flashing, or beacons.
  • Maximum Height by Zone (Wall): 21’ or top of wall whichever is less for CC. 35’ or top of wall whichever is less for NC,O, GC, & HC.
  • Maximum Size by Zone (Wall): 50% of the total wall surface area where sign is located.
  • Internal Illumination is permitted for Wall Signs.
  • Area within 10’ in all directions of any part of a freestanding sign shall be kept clear of all debris and all undergrowth more than 12 inches in height.

Temporary Sign Regulations:

Purpose: To protect public safety and welfare.

  1. To improve the visual environment and foster economic development while providing adequate standards for meeting sign owners needs.
  2. To benefit the public and sign owners through improved sign legibility, readability, and visibility.
  3. To provide equal opportunity for the display of commercial messages.
  4. To ensure the design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of signs will not interfere with traffic safety or otherwise endanger public safety.
  5. To ensure that city rights-of-way are not appropriated to private use or used in a manner inconsistent with the public interest.
  6. To reduce incompatibility between signs and their surroundings.
  7. To ensure that an adequate opportunity will be available to sign users without dominating the visual appearance of the area.

General Restrictions:

  • No sign shall be located on any city-owned utility pole. This includes street lights and street sign poles.
  • No single use may have more than 4 signs per street frontage, and no single use shall exceed a maximum of 5 signs.
  • No off-premises signs are allowed without a permit.
  • No placement of signs shall occur in the Highway 160 corridor or in the Highway 14 right-of-way.
  • Signs in violation may be removed by the City of Nixa without warning.

Real Estate Signs:

Directional off-site real-estate signs do not require a permit. They are allowed to be posted on Friday afternoons and removed Monday mornings.

Garage Sale Signs:

  • A Garage Sale Permit is required to have a garage sale in the City of Nixa.
  • Garage sale signs are limited to 4 signs per dwelling address.
  • Property owner permission must be obtained prior to locating a sign off-site.
  • Signs can be no longer than 2′ X 2′ with a maximum height of 3′ from ground level.
  • The signs must contain the date, location, and phone number of the property owner.
  • Placement is not allowed within the sight triangle of an intersection.
  • All signs must be removed within 48 hours of placement.

On-site Daily Advertisement Signs:

  • On-site daily advertisement signs are allowed during a normal working day without issuance of a permit.
  • The signs can only be displayed during open hours and have to be taken down at the end of the day.
  • Signs can be no larger than 2′ X 2′ with a maximum height of 3′ from ground level.

Temporary On-site Advertisement Signs:

  • Temporary on-site advertisement signs can be displayed 24 hours a day with a temporary sign permit.
  • A business is allowed 2 temporary sign permits each year.
  • Each permit has a 30 day duration.
  • A temporary sign permit costs $25.
  • With a temporary sign permit, an on-site advertisement sign can be on display at all times during the 30 day period.
  • The sign will have to meet the size and setback requirements of the permit.


For further information or questions regarding sign placement, please contact the City of Nixa Planning and Development Department.


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