Special Event Permits

Do I need Special Event Permit?

A special event permit is needed for temporary events that would disrupt the flow of traffic or businesses, such as closing streets or parking lots.

Events requiring a special event permit could include anything from 5K runs to block parties, including anything with a sound system or providing alcohol on city-owned property. Please contact Nixa City Hall at 417-725-5850 if you aren’t quite sure your event qualifies.

If you are wanting to a host an event that would require a special event permit, submit a Special Event Request, then please allow for at least ten (10) business days for review by the Nixa Police and Public Works departments. Impacts to traffic and public safety are among the concerns the city will consider before deciding whether or not staff will recommend approval of the permit application to City Council. You will then be contacted regarding your request and you may be asked to make adjustments to your request. Granting of a Special Event Permit requires review by city staff and approval by City Council.

Fees for a Special Event Permit will vary from $0 to thousands of dollars based on police impact and other factors.

Complete your special event request as soon as possible so we can begin analysis of the request, contact you with questions, and give you enough time to submit any additional information we may need to review before we can grant your permit.