Police Ride-Along Program

Want to ride along with a Nixa Police Officer to learn what their job is like, or just to learn more about how we operate? Print, complete, and turn in this form at the Nixa Police Department.

Or, you can contact our Operations Bureau by calling 417-725-2510 to request a ride-along.


Your application will be reviewed and your criminal history will be checked. If you are approved, the supervisor will schedule a time and date for you to ride along.

Your ride-along will consist of riding with a patrol officer as he/she works a normal shift: answering calls, stopping vehicles, and everything else that makes up a typical tour-of-duty. Riding along with an officer can be an eye-opening experience.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
  1. The rider must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States of America who has no disabilities that would prevent them from being able to escape from danger or hinder a police officer from performing his/her duties.
  2. The rider must complete in full, and sign in the presence of a Nixa Police Department employee, a ride-along application/ release form prior to each ride-along.
  3. The rider must agree to provide the necessary information to allow processing of the ride-along application.
  4. The rider must have both a criminal history check and a driving record check performed and attached to the application.
    • The rider must have no previous felony or serious misdemeanor convictions and shall not be charged with, or under indictment, for any felony or serious misdemeanor.
    • The rider must not be the respondent of a Personal Protective Order or the subject of any sort of Bond Restrictions.
    • The rider must not have received a traffic summons within the past 90 days.
  5. The rider must not be or have been an adverse party involved in any civil matter involving the municipality or its employees as defendants.
  6. The rider must not have been terminated, or asked to resign, from any department within the City of Nixa.
  7. The rider must agree to follow the rules of the Program and direction of the officer to which he/ she is assigned.

The work and activities of law enforcement officers is inherently dangerous. Strict adherence to the following guidelines is necessary in order to safeguard participants and to minimize the possibility of interference with normal Department activities and obligations. Ride-Alongs will:

  1. Read and sign the waiver form, acknowledging understanding of and agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions of the ride-along. A copy of your PHOTO ID is also required to be submitted along with your application.
  2. Report to the Police Department at 715 W Center Circle, Nixa, MO at the scheduled date and time.
  3. Present a neat and clean appearance and wear appropriate apparel, which will consist of pants, shirts with a collar and sleeves. Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals, thongs, or high heels are examples of unacceptable attire. Clothing or jewelry that could be offensive to the public, the department, or the city will not be allowed. Tattoos that could be offensive will be covered during the ride-along.
  4. Wear no headgear or clothing that could create a perception that the ride-along is a law enforcement employee. This includes police logos, patches, badges, insignia, writings, words, phrases, or pictures, Sam Browne belt, basket weave leather, flashlights, handcuffs, or any other police-related equipment.
  5. Will not participate while carrying a firearm. This does not apply to individuals possessing a commission from an outside law enforcement agency whom have received authorization from the Chief of Police or their designee to carry concealed during the ride along. In addition, outside officers shall not display any article of clothing that readily identifies them as a law enforcement officer.
  6. Not possess or use cameras, video equipment, or other recording devices during the ride-along.
  7. Provide the assigned officer with proper identification prior to the ride-along.
  8. Provide for own meal during the ride-along if applicable.
  9. Follow instructions of the assigned and other officers for your safety.
  10. Not participate in any police action or act in a police capacity.
  11. Not converse with prisoners, suspects, witnesses, victims, media personnel, or other persons contacted during ride-along unless directed by the assigned officer.
  12. Not interfere with assigned officer while he is conducting police activities. While you are encouraged to ask questions, please do so at the appropriate time.
  13. Wear safety belts at all times while the police vehicle is in motion.
  14. Stay in the police vehicle unless otherwise instructed.
  15. Any deviation from these guidelines or the assigned or another officer’s.