Strategic Plan

You imagined Nixa’s future, now we have a plan to make it happen.

Nixa’s Strategic Plan is a document that defines our vision & values, priorities, and goals for the municipal government.

The city listened to its citizens in the development of this plan by inviting everyone who loves this community to help us imagine Nixa’s future. The plan was drafted by the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (made up of 15 Nixa residents) who worked with city staff to review the community input and ensure the plan addresses the challenges facing the community and the municipal government.

Now we are inviting the community to learn about the plan, ask questions about it, and hold us accountable to it. The plan was adopted by City Council on Nov. 23, 2020. Now we get to work.


Contact our communications department at 417-725-3785.

Vision & Values

Strategic Priorities and Action Plans for 2021-2025

The Strategic Plan is designed as a series of goals and objectives for the city to accomplish in order to fulfill the Strategic Vision of the Nixa City Council.

Our Strategic Vision

“The City of Nixa will be a high-performance government creating a safe community, reliable infrastructure, and sustainable economy with a vibrant atmosphere united by hometown spirit.” – Nixa City Council

The Strategic Vision is made up of 6 Strategic Priorities which are further described by our values.

Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities were adopted by the council and they describe our vision & values in broad terms.

  • High-Performance Government: We will continue to create effective, diverse, and innovative teams within the municipal organization which will use efficient processes to produce measurable and actionable results as we provide high-quality public services in a way that is clear, accountable, and financially responsible while engaging citizens and residents.
  • Safe Community: We will promote an exceptional quality of life through partnerships and proactive measures to ensure Nixa is safe, healthy, and welcoming.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: We will develop and maintain future-proof infrastructure designed to meet current needs and accommodate growth. We will provide safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly services.
  • Sustainable Economy: We will help our local businesses continue to thrive and expand while developing an atmosphere of entrepreneurship. We will engage in partnerships to create an environment that fosters the job skills and workforce required to succeed in tomorrow’s economy. We will invest in our community to attract further private investment and economic development. 
  • Fun & Unique Places: We will cultivate vibrant, unique, and accessible spaces which attract and benefit residents, businesses, and visitors. We will seek to add local flavor to new and existing spaces where people will want to spend time. Public spaces will offer fun and healthy recreational opportunities for all.
  • Hometown Spirit: We will engage, inform, and partner with residents, non-profits, and businesses to foster a sense of unity and inclusion across our diverse and growing community to preserve a shared sense of small-town pride and interconnection. We will invite participation in events, programs, and experiences that bring us together to enhance our quality of life.

Our Action Plans

Each Action Plan describes a specific desired result that is achievable by the end of 2025.

The wording of each Action Plan was approved by a unanimous vote of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee and each describes something new the city should do or an area where the city has significant room for improvement.

You can expect the city to follow through on each Action Plan by the end of 2025.

To read the Action Plans for each of the 6 Strategic Priorities, click on the links below: