Nixa invites public to vote on new city flag design

Nixa invites public to vote on new city flag design

August 30, 2023

Which of these designs should be Nixa’s new city flag?

Do you love Nixa? Then we want you to vote to help us select the final design of our new city flag!

Before you vote, we encourage you to read the history of Nixa’s past/current flag designs and learn a little about best practices for flag design which we’ve made available for your review on our website.

Are you a teacher or parent? We also included a fun activity for kids (and adults) on our website: Teach your students the 5 principles of good flag design, show them examples of flags, then let them draw their own using this template.

When you’re ready to place your vote, follow this link to vote which of these three designs should be our new city flag:

Voting is open now!

The flag survey will be open for voting until 9am CST on Monday, September 18th.

Poll results will be presented to the City Council, and they will vote to officially adopt our new flag design. We can’t wait to see which flag design will soon fly over Nixa City Hall!

Nixa City Council selected the three finalists designs during the council meeting held on Monday August 28, 2023, and directed city staff to open voting to the public for selection of our final design for at least 2 weeks.