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Nixa Utilities Electric Department


The Nixa Utilities Electric Department has contracted with Wright Tree Service to trim trees around electrical infrastructure. You might see their trucks around town, and we just wanted to give you a heads-up that they are working on behalf of the city. If you know of trees or other areas of concern that need to be addressed to prevent power outages, please contact Nixa Utilities at 417-725-3229.

About Us

The City of Nixa owns and operates its own electric utility. The Electric Department’s full-time employees include a superintendent and assistant, linemen, substation technician, apprentice lineman, equipment operators, and a certified arborist.

The Nixa Electric Department purchases its power through Southwest Power Administration as well as Springfield City Utilities. In 2009, Nixa finished construction of a 69kv line which allowed Nixa to purchase power from City Utilities of Springfield. This gave Nixa the ability to have two sources of electricity, essentially giving Nixa customers a more reliable source of electricity.

The Nixa Electric System is a 12470/7200 volt system. On a daily basis, the Nixa electric department maintains and makes any necessary upgrades to the system for better reliability. This includes, but is not limited to, routine tree trimming, transformer and line maintenance, street light repairs and new services.

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Q: What is net metering?
A: Residential net metering allows customers to sell energy they do not use back to the utility. This is done with the installation of a special meter and some specific switching at the customers connection. Please see the following three links for more information.

Q: What are Demand Charges?
A: Demand charges are for “peak usage” on your electricity bill.

City Services

Electric Department History

July 10, 1964

Due to the increasing interests and questions from citizens for a municipal owned electrical system, the Nixa city council held a public meeting on the issue in the gymnasium of the Nixa High School. This was such a key issue of the time, the attendance filled the high school gymnasium.

August 4, 1964

Idea was taken to the polls so citizens could vote on the new utility.

August 6, 1964

The headline of The Christian County Republican was “Nixa Rejects Bond Issue”. Nixa reported a record crushing voter turnout of 525 voters. A 4/7th majority was necessary to pass, but the measure failed by a mere 7 votes.

August 28, 1964

Another election held. A new record turnout of 609 voters stormed the polls and approved the bond issue by 365 in favor and 244 opposed.

September 1, 1966

Construction started by Line builders Inc. of Kansas. The Nixa electric system was estimated to serve around 400 residential customers and 33 commercial customers. After failed negotiations for the purchase of wholesale power through Empire District Electric, Nixa secured a power contract with Southwest Power Administration that included the construction of a transmission line from the north side of Springfield to Nixa. When completed the transmission would supply Nixa with 12,000 volts.

Feb. 12, 1968

Nixa Mayor Kirk Hawkins activated the newly constructed transmission line.


Nixa’s Electric Department was designated a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3).


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Oct. 2018

The City of Nixa celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Nixa Electric Department.

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Department Staff

Brian Denney
Electric Superintendent
Chris Huett
Assistant Electric Superintendent