Letter from the Mayor: November 2022

Letter from the Mayor: November 2022

October 28, 2022

Letter from Mayor Brian Steele

As I write this I am excited to gear up for the annual “Backyard Brawl”!  As a Nixa High School Alumni, this annual rivalry holds a special place in my heart.  Not only for the game, and the opportunity to once again beat Ozark on the field, but also to help both of our communities thru the Can the Tigers/Can the Eagles fundraiser for Least of These – the Christian County Food Pantry.

The City is also gearing up for the upcoming election on November 8th where voters will decide whether or not to provide more funding to Nixa Police and Parks. One of the three big projects which would be funded if the issue is approved by voters would be construction of a new Indoor Sports Complex.  While this new complex has a hefty price tag – almost $25 million dollars – the community will see several important benefits from this new center.  

First, you should know that Nixa Parks recaptures approximately 80 cents of every dollar the city spends in the form of fee revenue.  This means that those programs that benefit individuals like the fitness center recover all of their cost, and those that are for individuals, but have some benefit to the community, such as youth sports, recover most of their cost.  This means once constructed, the new Indoor Sports Complex can be expected to recapture a large part of the construction and operation costs.

Second, the new Indoor Sport Complex will act as magnet for future commercial and residential development.  The X Center proved to be a driving force for many new residential developments. When the city invested in the construction of that facility 20 years ago, it spurred development of the neighborhoods around it. This proposed facility (especially in combination with other attractions like the school district’s new AETOS Center for the Performing Arts) is likely to draw not only quality homes, but also new businesses such as hotels, restaurants and retail which can benefit from the traffic drawn to these attractions. This in turn can help draw more good jobs to our city.

Finally, investments in projects like this will help us maintain Nixa’s position as the premier suburban community in the Springfield area.  This new facility would provide new recreational options for people of all ages, and ease overcrowding at The X Center.  Many people don’t realize Nixa is the largest community in the Springfield region and the third largest city in southwest Missouri, behind only Springfield and Joplin. We were also the first city to build a community center in 2002.

As part of our continued dedication to financial transparency, the City has recently created a “Popular Annual Financial Report” (aka Guide to City Finances).  This guide provides an easy-to-read, but in-depth, review of Nixa and specifically the finances for the City.  You can pick up one of these guides by visiting City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, The X Center, the Nixa Police Department, the Nixa Utilities Billing office, or the Nixa Branch Library.

I hope to see many of you at the game this weekend, and all of you at the polls on November 8th.  Go Nixa – Beat Ozark!


Mayor Steele