Volunteer Interest

Board/Commission Volunteer Interest Form

Occasionally the City of Nixa has openings on any of its boards, commissions, or committees. All such roles are voluntary and some come with particular requirements such as an even distribution of members across the city's three council districts. In order to be considered to fill any such vacancies, please complete the following form. Upon submission, your name will be added to a list of potential candidates to be considered for voluntary public service on whichever board, commission, or committee may have a vacancy.
Which council district do you currently reside in?
Most of our board/committee meetings are held in the evenings once or twice each month. Some special committees may need to meet on a weekly basis over a short period of time in a temporary capacity.
Are you related to any current or former employee of the City of Nixa or are you related to any current or former Nixa elected official?
If you answered Yes, who are they?
This may disqualify you from serving on certain boards/commissions/committees, but relatives of employees and former elected officials may be allowed to serve on other committees.
If your choice of board/commission/committee is unavailable, you be be willing to sit on another organization?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.