Garage Sale Permit


Garage Sale signs are limited to 4 signs per dwelling address. Property owner permission must be obtained prior to locating a sign offsite. Signs can be no larger than 2’X2’ with a maximum height of 3’ from ground level. Signs must contain the date, location, and phone number of the property owner. Signs may be placed within City Right-of-way. Placement of signs shall not be allowed within the sight of triangle of an intersection. All signs must be removed within 48 hours of placement. No signs are permitted on the Highway 160 corridor or on any utility pole. The fine for the violation of this Section 23-316 Article XVII shall be $50.00. NO PERSON SHALL CONDUCT OR PERMIT MORE THAN TWO (2) GARAGE SALES WITHIN A TWELVE (12) MONTH PERIOD AND SHALL NOT CONTINUE MORE THAN THREE (3) DAYS
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