Nixa City Staff Stream Team

A couple times each year, usually in the spring and fall, the city sends some staff volunteers to float a section of the rivers near Nixa to clean out trash and help make sure everyone in our community can safely enjoy the beauty of our local waterways.

The team floats about a 4.5-mile long section of the Finely River or the James River. Despite any obstacles along the way everyone pitches in and powers through. There always seems to be an unofficial contest among our team members to see who collects the most tires, largest piece of junk, and most unusual piece of trash. In the past, crews have found a large koi pond, steel barrels, storm pipe, MANY tires (some still on wheels), and numerous green trash bags full of miscellaneous trash.

The city is happy to be a part of keeping our local waterways safe and clean.

While the public is not able to be part of the city staff stream team, we highly encourage you to participate in river clean-up events organized by the James River Basin Partnership or to form your own Stream Team. You can learn more about these opportunities by following the links below.

Below is the city staff Stream Team in action from previous events.