Police Clerk Interest Form

If you are interested in potentially joining the Nixa Police Department as a Police Clerk, the first step is to complete this online form.

Police Clerk Interest Form

Please complete and submit this Police Clerk interest form to begin the application process. Note that due to the sensitive nature of this position, applicants for the Police Clerk role with the Nixa Police Department must successfully pass the full selection process and meet all minimum requirements. This includes an extensive background investigation conducted by department investigators.

In addition to other listed qualifications applicants must also meet all the following qualifications:
  • Proficiency in data entry, record keeping, and use of office software (e.g., Microsoft Office 365).
  • No felony convictions
  • May not have used an illegal controlled substance within the last three years
  • No conviction for domestic assault
  • No DWI, DUI, or BAC conviction within the past three years
  • Tattoos are allowed except on the hands, face and neck. Any visible tattoo deemed objectionable by the Chief of Police must be covered.
  • Complete a thorough background check.

Once we receive your submission and it has been processed, you will receive and email from Guardian Alliance Technologies no-reply@email.guardian.network . This email will provide a link and information for completing your application which is called Personal History Questionnaire. This process is completed through the Guardian website, which complies with the FBI CJIS Security Policy, and must be completed in its entirety to be considered for an interview.

Interested individuals may also signup for job posts with eNotification on the City of Nixa website.

I meet the minimum requirements am interested in the position of Police Clerk(Required)