Please Conserve Water Now Through July

Please Conserve Water Now Through July

July 5, 2023

Nixa Utilities water customers: Please conserve water now through the end of July.

How you can voluntarily help:

July 13, 2023 UPDATE:

Our water table levels continue to suffer as insufficient rain sends us further into a drought condition. The Nixa Utilities water department had to shut down one of our wells because the water table is only 4 feet above the pump and we can’t risk pulling mud or air into the system. Currently, the water level is 368’ from the surface which is 18 feet below where they were less than 2 weeks ago.

Although we are not yet ready to recommend a Stage I Emergency (which kicks in a number of mandatory water use restrictions), we are asking again that the public use less water for things like watering lawns or washing vehicles.

Original Message June 30, 2023:

Due to lack of recent rainfall, the groundwater supply level has dropped to a level where we need to ask customers to begin to conserve water before some of the city’s water pumps lose access to water. Due to the heat and lack of recent rainfall, many of our customers have been using much higher than usual amounts of water for lawn irrigation. Lawn irrigation is a major draw on our water supply, which is why we ask residents to stop watering their lawns every day, and to at minimum cut back to every other day.

Nixa Utilities is asking residents to curb excessive water use to avoid moving into a Stage I Water Emergency in which certain water conservation measures would become mandatory. If water supply levels get to such a low level that the city enters a Water Emergency at Stages I, II or III, the price for excess water use will be increased and certain water uses (such as lawn irrigation) will be prohibited.

Using less water will also save you money on your Nixa Utilities bill since water use is charged on a per-gallon basis.

We are continually re-evaluating the need for water conservation and will extend or terminate this request as appropriate.