Nixa Utilities Asks Customers to Conserve Energy

Nixa Utilities Asks Customers to Conserve Energy

August 22, 2023

Please conserve electricity this week! 

Due to high temperatures, Nixa Utilities is asking our customers to reduce electric consumption voluntarily to help prevent the national and regional electric grid from becoming overburdened and potentially driving up the cost of energy or causing regional blackouts. Energy conservation is needed especially from 2pm to 8pm each afternoon/evening until temperatures get back down into the 80’s (local forecasts project this may not happen until August 27.)

Please keep your home cool by using the air conditioning as little as needed, and consider raising the thermostat a few degrees (we recommend 76 degrees). Don’t let the sun stream through windows, and refrain from using heat-producing appliances like ovens and clothes dryers from 2pm to 8pm.

Lowering demand during this time frame helps the community by keeping electric prices in check for Nixa Utilities, costs which then have to be passed along to you, our customers. As of the afternoon of 8/22/23, electric supplies should be able to meet demand but things could change quickly. We do not anticipate any widespread outages at this time, but minimizing our demand on the national electric grid helps prevent such outages when the temperature is spiking and everyone’s first instinct is to crank the A/C. Keep in mind, reducing your electric usage also lowers your bill.

Learn more energy conservation tips here:

Today, Nixa Utilities electric crews worked to resolve an outage which impacted some homes in the Wicklow subdivision, lasting less than 30 minutes. Nixa Utilities crews were making improvements to this section of our electric distribution system, and the line serving homes on a few streets had a fuse blow. Crews were able to quickly restore power to the impacted customers.