Nixa opens bidding for creative services

Nixa opens bidding for creative services

February 12, 2024

The City of Nixa has opened up bidding for graphic design services, photography services and videography services. We are looking for qualified and talented local creative professionals with whom we can establish a contract for hourly work, build a relationship, and eventually assign work.

The City of Nixa has need for local stock photography, document design/layout work, and videography (both adding to our library of local b-roll, and complete video projects).

Before we can hire any creatives, we must go through an open bidding process. However, our intent is not to only offer contracts to lowest bidders. We will take the quality of your portfolio and prior relevant work into consideration when deciding which creative professionals we want to offer contracts to, and we may assign work to multiple local vendors depending on the nature of the project at hand, the bid price and quality of your prior work. We will also interview finalists and contact your references before making any decisions. Once the city has established contracts with local creative services vendors, we will be able to assign projects at the contracted hourly rate.

In order to review the RFP documents and submit a bid, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Register as a supplier.
  3. To bid for photography work: Look for the Bid Issue RFP-008-2024/Comm “Professional Photography Services”
  4. To bid for graphic design work: Look for the Bid Issue RFP-009-2024/Comm “Professional Graphic Design Services”
  5. To bid for videography work: Look for the Bid Issue RFP-010-2024/Comm “Professional Videography Services”
  6. You will need to download the attachments (including the e-verify form), sign off on all the acknowledgments, upload an e-verify document (if you do not have any employees, you will need to indicate that you are exempt from submitting e-verify and upload that instead).
  7. You will be asked to upload or provide a link to your portfolio.
  8. You will be asked to indicate the hourly rate you would charge for the work as described in our scope of work.

BIDS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 10AM on Friday March 1st, 2024.

Remember, this is required in order to be considered among other competitive bidders. After the bid closing at 10am on Friday March 1st, we will open all bids and begin the scoring in order to select which vendor or vendors we want to offer contracts to.

We will contact finalists for interviews before making our final decision on whether or not to offer contracts. (We may offer contracts to multiple vendors, a single vendor, or no vendors.) The contract has no guaranteed work, and is not attached to any projects.

If we enter into a contract with you, that means city departments would be able to begin to offer creative work to you at the hourly price you bid. You would be able to decline work. Any work you do accept would be subject to the terms of the contract we agree to.

Questions? Contact City of Nixa Director of Communications Drew Douglas at 417-942-9946 or