Letter from the Mayor: July 2023

Letter from the Mayor: July 2023

June 28, 2023

It was a Saturday evening, and the sun was going down over Nixa. Live music was playing in the background while many people were gathered on the turf at the 14 Mill Market. A father was rolling a ball back and forth with his daughter while other kids were playing with their family as well. People were enjoying food, music, and friendship and I walked up to my wife and said, “This is exactly what Nixa needed”.

Another local family took a chance by making a huge private investment in our community, and our community is showing their support for this new business, as well as for the 10 restaurant businesses housed inside.

I have said it for years and I will say it again; we live in the best city in Missouri! We have so many great local businesses which are unique to the Ozarks. From Big Al’s Subs to Luk Boutique and a long list of other great small businesses which give our town its unique flavor. I always enjoy the amazing customer service and friendship which my family and I encounter when we go anywhere in Nixa.

Our community has done their best to support our local businesses. The most recent additions like AETOS Center for the Performing Arts and 14 Mill Market are helping attract even more people from inside and outside our community. All this activity and buzz means we will continue to see exponential improvements in our city.

Every single time we support a local business, we invest in our community. These investments help us improve our sidewalks, roads, parks programs, public safety, and expand our infrastructure. In turn, each improvement contributes to increased property values and further enhances the quality of life in our community. The quality of life of our citizens is truly what is most important to me. I believe we have and continue to be on the right path. We live in a community which supports each other and when people are in need, Nixa shows up.

As people continue to invest in our community and we see additional fun and unique places to spend time with our friends and family, I do realize some of our citizens are worried we may lose that small-town feel. I believe if we continue to support each other we will never lose the small-town feel – regardless of our growth. I just want to end by saying, thank you Nixa! Thank you for always showing up. Thank you for investing in our community; and thank you for being what makes Nixa great!


Mayor Jarad Giddens