Fireworks Stand Permits


If you plan to operate any fireworks stand (from which temporary or seasonal sales of fireworks will occur) inside Nixa city limits, you are required to first apply for a Fireworks Stand Permit. The base fee for this permit is $100 and an additional $90 electric meter fee may also apply.

Fireworks Stand Permit Requirements:

  • Completed permit application.
  • Business License Application
  • Stand must be in an area zoned for commercial or manufacturing use.
  • Detailed Site Plan:  
    • A legal description of the property where the proposed stand is to be located.
    • The dimensions of the lot.
    • The location of the proposed fireworks stand & the setbacks from the property lines.
    • The location of other business’ or building on the site with distances indicated.
    • The location of both the off-street parking area provided (1 space for every 200 sq.ft. of stand area)
    • The zoning of the parcel where the stand is to be located.
  • Certificate of No Tax Due: (Proof of fireworks tax having been paid to State Dept of Revenue.)
  • Copy of Bond or Certificate of Insurance in the amount of ONE MILLION dollars.
  • Copy of Retail Sales Tax License
  • Current Year Fireworks Permit issued by the Department of Public Safety by the State Fire Marshall. (
  • $90.00 payment for temporary electric meter if needed.
  • Permit Cost: Fireworks Stand Permit is $100.  For business license cost, please contact City Hall at 417-725-3785

Fireworks Stand Hours of Operation:

Section 16-197.  Fireworks Regulations Section 7 i

Hours of operation shall be June 20-July 2, 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. and July 3-4, 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.


Fireworks Stand Permit Application Form

Complete this permit application if you would like to operate a Fireworks Stand inside Nixa city limits.
Price: $90.00
If you have paid this fee in a prior year, you will not need to pay again. This fee applies to the first year that a temporary electric meter will need to be installed for operation of your fireworks stand.

Applicant Information

Name and DBA of your business.
Name of Applicant:(Required)
Applicant Mailing Address:

Property Information

Address of Property Where Fireworks Stand Would be Located:(Required)
Mailing Address of Property Owner:(Required)


You must submit each of the following supplemental documents to the city before a permit will be issued. You may attach them all below. 1. Copy of Retail Sales Tax License 2. Detailed Site Plan 3. Certificate of No Tax Due 4. Copy of Bond or Certificate of Insurance of One Million Dollars 5. Fireworks Permit issued by Fire Marshall
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