Fireworks Now Allowed in Nixa July 3rd & 4th

Fireworks Now Allowed in Nixa July 3rd & 4th

June 20, 2023

Fireworks are now allowed to be used inside Nixa city limits on both July 3rd and July 4th from 2pm to 11pm.

Council passed an ordinance on June 12, 2023 which added July 3rd to the days on which fireworks can be used inside the city limits. Previously, the city’s fireworks ordinance only allowed fireworks on July 4th and New Year’s Eve. The new ordinance takes effect in time for this year’s Independence Day celebrations and will also apply to future years going forward.

Fireworks are not allowed to be used inside city limits outside those times, per city ordinance. Keep in mind, fireworks are not permitted at all if a burn ban is in effect.

ALSO… This is the time of the year when Nixa Animal Control deals with the highest number of lost dogs (likely running scared from the sounds of fireworks). Be sure your dog is tagged so that if your dog does get lost, Nixa Animal Control has a record of how to return your dog to you. You can renew dog tags at The X Center during normal business hours.