Debt Collection

Debt Collection

March 28, 2024

If you are truly behind on your Nixa Utilities bill payments, we will send paper notices by mail (as well as email notifications if you have signed up for those) notifying you that your bill is past due and that if you do not pay on time, your utilities services will be turned off. Nixa Utilities does not currently call customers when they are past due. Also, we NEVER accept gift cards as a form of payment.

Nixa Utilities uses National Recovery Agency to collect outstanding balances on utility accounts that are aged more than 180 days. When they seek to collect a debt for Nixa Utilities, they will reference your actual Nixa Utilities account number. If you are contacted by National Recovery Agency, be aware this is indeed a legitimate debt collection attempt. They may call you or use other methods to contact you in order to collect the debt.

Their contact information is:

2491 Paxton St.

Harrisburg, PA 17111