Dog Park Rules

  1. All dogs must be registered with the Nixa Parks Department prior to entry in the dog park. All Dogs Must Wear Park Pass Tag At All Times While At The Park.
  2. Hours of Operation: The Nixa Dog Park opens at 7 am and closes 30 minutes after sunset.
  3. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and must wear a current rabies tag while utilizing the Dog Park.
  4. While utilizing the no-leash area of the Dog Park, dogs should stay away from the gate. Patrons must maintain physical control of their dog(s) while others are entering and exiting the no-leash area of the park.
  5. Patrons must close and latch all gates when entering or exiting the park.
  6. Patrons are limited to bringing two (2) dogs at one time to the park.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash until inside the fenced “off-leash” designated area. Remove your dog’s leash before entering the park. Utilize the double gate system to do so.
  8. Patrons must always monitor and control their dog(s). While inside the off-leash area, Patrons must always carry their dog’s leash.
  9. Patrons must always keep their dogs under supervision and control. Patron’s must always remain with their dog(s) and must be attentive while in the park.
  10. Patrons must be prepared to immediately remove their dog(s) from the park at the first sign of aggression.
  11. No food, treats, or drinks are allowed inside the park.
  12. No smoking or vaping is allowed in the park.
  13. Dog toys may be used in the park unless the use of such toys creates disruptive behavior among other dogs. In such an event, the toy must be removed from the fenced area promptly.
  14. No one under the age of 16 is allowed at the park unless accompanied by an adult. No children under the age of 8 is allowed in the fenced area of the park.
  15. Patrons are responsible for the actions of their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dog.
  16. Patrons and their dog(s) should expect frequent interactions with other dogs or people while at the park.
  17. Aggressive dogs must be immediately removed from the park and will be permanently barred from re-entry into the park. The Nixa Parks Department reserves the right to determine whether a dog is aggressive for purposes of these rules.
  18. Patrons must fill any holes created by their dog while at the park.
  19. Patrons are responsible for picking up dog waste left by their dog. Patrons must dispose of waste in an appropriate waste station. Waste stations and bags are provided in the park.
  20. The following is prohibited in the park:
    1. Dogs in heat.
    2. Dogs injured or ill. Injured or sick dogs are not permitted at the park, including dogs with any illness related symptoms.
    3. Puppies under 6 months of age are not allowed at the park.
    4. No food, bones, rawhides, or other pet treats are allowed.
    5. No spiked, pronged, metal collars, or choke chains are allowed. Only flat collars and/or harnesses may be used.
    6. The use of the park for any other recreational activities. The park is to be solely used by patrons and their dogs.
    7. Dogs which exhibit the following behavior are not allowed on the park: biting, otherwise harming another dog or patron at the park, attempting to bite or harm, aggressive chasing, or approach in an apparent attitude of attack, any person or animal.

This dog park is self-supervised. Use at your own risk. The City of Nixa and the Nixa Parks Department are not responsible for injury, illness, or damage to you, your dog(s), or other property.

Please report rule violations, comments, questions, or concerns about the dog park to Nixa Parks and Recreation at 417-725-5486 or email:

Dog Park users can be issued a citation by the Nixa Police or Animal Control for any animal ordinance violation. Report violations to Nixa Police Department at 417-582-1030. If bitten while in the park, please provide information to Nixa Police Department at 417-582-1030