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The purpose of nuisance codes isn’t simply to keep Nixa beautiful (although that is an added benefit!). Nuisance codes make it possible for our community to stay healthy and safe from disease-ridden animals and unsanitary conditions.

Nuisance Examples

Nuisance Examples:

Here are the 5 most common nuisance violations in the City of Nixa:

1. Overgrown vegetation

  • Grass, weeds, and brush should not be taller than 12 inches.
  • Owners of undeveloped land must maintain their property so weeds are not taller than 18 inches.
  • WHY? Overgrown vegetation attracts pests like snakes and mice, which can carry diseases.

2. Excessive junk and/or trash

  • All junk, trash, debris, tires, construction materials, indoor furniture, appliances, and anything that risks the health and safety of others should be disposed of either in the trash or at the Recycle Center.
  • WHY? Trash attracts unwanted critters, like mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums. Appliances and furniture could attract curious children, who then climb on or get stuck in the equipment.

3. Nuisance vehicles

  • Dismantled, non-licensed, or junk vehicles must be removed from your property.
  • WHY? Vehicles that are just laying around are a hazard to children and attract pests that use it as a shelter. Water collects, allowing mosquitos to breed and thrive.

4. Illegal vehicle parking

  • Any vehicle, whether operable or inoperable, must be in a designated parking space. Parking spaces must be a driveway or other approved hard surface.
  • Vehicle means any self-propelled vehicle not operating exclusively on tracks except for farm tractors. The term “vehicle” shall include, but is not limited to, an automobile, truck, van, sports utility vehicle, motorcycle, motorized scooter or dirt-bike.
  • WHY? Parking on the grass can kill the vegetation. Remember, grass is for mowing; the driveway is for parking.

5. Indoor furniture left/stored outdoors

  • Indoor furniture must be stored indoors.
  • WHY? Indoor furniture could be a hazard for children nearby. Cushion material also attracts mice, bugs, and mold.

The first thing you can do if your neighbor is violating a nuisance code is see how you can help. Building a relationship with your a neighbor who may be struggling to keep up maintenance issues can be a quicker way to resolving health and safety issues than reporting them to the city. Is your neighbor’s lawnmower broke? Let them borrow yours. Is your neighbor elderly? Offer to load the discarded furniture for them. You never know how far a helping hand might go.

View the full nuisance codes:

Nuisance Resolution Process

Nuisance Resolution Process:

The process of handling a code violation through the city isn’t as quick as some people might think. But, if your attempt at being a friendly neighbor hasn’t worked, here are the steps and procedures of a complaint.

1. Contact the City of Nixa’s Code Compliance Department. If this is an animal complaint, please contact Animal Control at 417-582-1030.

2. Complaint is investigated by our Code Compliance Officer and then either confirmed or denied.

3. If confirmed, then the property owner or current occupant is notified of the violation and is given approximately 7 days to remediate the nuisance.

4. If the nuisance still exists after the typical 7-day period, either a hearing will be scheduled to abate the violation or, depending on the severity of the violation, a ticket will be issued.

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Property maintenance and nuisance codes: The Code Compliance Department takes general questions and complaints regarding property maintenance and nuisance issues. You may also contact the Code Compliance Department to report street light outages, pot holes, damaged street signs, and other issues of that nature.
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