City of Nixa Unveils New Payment Systems

City of Nixa Unveils New Payment Systems

June 27, 2023

The City of Nixa is now able to accept payments again, following the launch of a new and improved payment system and account software. We are now introducing the community to new online tools we call “myNixa” and “NixaPay”.

What is myNixa?

The myNixa portal, powered by BS&A software and also known as BSA-online, is where you will go to view any of the following:

To access the myNixa portal, visit

On the homepage of, you will see a button in the upper-right corner which links to myNixa.

You will also see links to myNixa on other pages of

What is NixaPay?

The NixaPay portal, powered by InvoiceCloud is where you will go to pay Nixa Utilities bills and to make payment to City Hall for things like permits, licenses, and more.

To access the NixaPay portal, visit

On the homepage of, you will see a button in the upper-right corner which links to NixaPay. You will also see links to NixaPay on other pages of

Instructional Videos:

How to Make a One Time Payment

How to Register Your Account

How to Manage Your Account

Infographic: Where to go online to find what you’re looking for

What you need to know:

Nixa Utilities Customers:

How to change paperless billing settings:

If you want to stop getting paper bills, you can opt-in for paperless billing.

If you want to start getting paper bills again, you can opt out of paperless billing at any time.

How to pay your bill:

If you just want to make a payment on your utility bill, the fastest way will be to visit NixaPay. Simply search for your account number and then you will be able to make a one-time payment. We also encourage you to create an InvoiceCloud account and set your preferred payment settings. You will be able to set up auto-pay, or make one-time payments with cards, Paypal, Venmo, Google Wallet, or Apple Pay.

When will I get my Nixa Utilities bill for July?

Did you know Nixa Utilities operates using 2 different billing cycles?

About half our customers have their bills issued around the 1st-3rd of the month. This is the date your bill is available for view in your online account and the date your bill is emailed to you. (It takes a few additional days for your bill to arrive by mail after that). We refer to this as the early billing cycle.

Likewise, the other half of our customers have their bills issued around the 15th-17th of the month; we call this the late billing cycle. It has nothing to do with being late on your payment, just that your bills are generated later in the month.

Regardless which cycle you are on, the next bill you get will look a little different and will have both your account number and PIN number on it.

I normally get my bill by the 3rd of the month, but have not yet seen my July 2023 bill. What should I do?

Due to the software transition, those who normally see their Nixa Utilities bill around the 3rd of each month have not yet received their July bill. It is taking us a few more days than usual to generate the first set of bills as we work through the transition of account data from one system to another.

That being said, we now expect these customers to get their first bill from our new system next week (Week of July 10th, 2023). All customers on the early billing cycle will be able to view their new account balance and digital bill on NixaPay early in the week, and those who get paper bills in the mail should receive those later in the week.

We anticipate your August bill should be issued between the 1st-3rd of August as normal.

I normally get my bill by the 17th of the month, what should I expect?

The kinks we are ironing out in our new system should all be smoothed out by the time we finish the early billing cycle for this month, so right now we anticipate that our late cycle bills will be issued on time. So, if you normally get your bill between the 15th-17th, you can expect to see your July bill online or in your email by the 17th and a few days after that if you get your bill by mail. As always, your due date will reflect that you have 17 days after the bill was issued to make payment, but we will also be flexible with you. Again, we will not be charging late fees and we will not disconnect you for late payment on your June or July bills this year.

Will I be charged late fees or will my utility services be shut off?

Don’t worry!

We are extending the due date for June and July bills. As always, you will have 17 days to pay your bill after the date your bill was issued. This should be reflected in the due date printed on your bill, but even then, we will not be strict about due dates for June or July 2023 bills. We are going to be flexible with you, and we thank you for being patient with us.

We will not be charging late fees and we will not disconnect you for late payment on your June or July bills this year.

We appreciate your continued patience as we work to complete the software transition and help all our customers begin to use our new systems successfully.

Once I get my bill, how can I make a payment?

Pay Online using NixaPay:

Scroll up on this page to view the instructional videos for how to use NixaPay.

Pay using automated phone system:

Our new automated phone system is working and can accept payments. Call 417-725-3229 and press option #1 to be directed to the automated system through which you can make a utility bill payment. Please note that utility billing staff will no longer be able to accept your credit card payments over the phone as it presents a security risk to you when people see/hear your card number and write it down.

Pay at our Utility Billing Office:

You can still visit the drive-thru, use the after-hours payment drop-box located at the drive-thru, or enter the utility billing office. Keep in mind we are short-staffed and busy taking a higher-than-average call load, so please be patient with our staff.

Coming Soon: Payment Kiosks

A few weeks from now, we will be installing new Nixa Utilities bill pay kiosks at 3 locations in Nixa, where you will be able to make payments with cash, check, or card any day or time.

Warning regarding mailing check payments:

Keep in mind, while you are still able to mail checks to our office to make payment on your bill, we do not encourage this form of payment. This is due to an increasing level of mail fraud happening around the country, whereby thieves are intercepting mail and stealing checks out of envelopes. If your payment is stolen from the mail, you may not know it until you get a message from us saying your bill is past due.

How to view your utility usage data, history, and past bills:

To view your complete Nixa Utilities account information online, you will need to wait until you have received your first utility bill dated after 6/26/2023. Once you have received that bill by mail or email, you will go to myNixa, then search by account number. The utility bill account number format is ##-#####-##, however, you will not type dashes into the search. Once you select the proper account, an account PIN will be required. Your PIN will be printed on bills printed after 6/26/2023 and will be unique to your account. Once you have logged in with your account number and PIN, you will be able to see the name and address of the account, view account history, and be able to print bills or history reports. To make a utility bill payment from the myNixa portal, you will be redirected to NixaPay by weblink.


Business owners will need to visit to apply for any new business or liquor licenses/permits.

Business owners will then be able to renew their business license and liquor license using the myNixa portal. Visit, create a BSA-online account and follow instructions for syncing the account to your existing licenses, then when it is time to renew, we will email you a notification, you will review your data, make any necessary updates, select “Renew” and then you will be directed to make payment for the renewal in the NixaPay portal.

This account-based system will make it easier for businesses to renew their license each year. You will still be able to visit Nixa City Hall during normal business hours to apply for/renew a business license.


Anyone will be able to use the myNixa portal to apply for building permits.

Instances when BSA-online account registration is NOT required:

Instances when BSA-online account registration IS required:

Planning & Development Department staff are no longer authorized to take your payment information over the phone as it presents a security risk to you. However, if you prefer not to conduct business online, you may still visit Nixa City Hall during normal business hours to apply for permits or P&Z processes, or to schedule inspections.


Some processes will require completion of an online form on, however, we will no longer accept any payments through the website. Upon form submission, we will review your application, and if no further information is needed, we will email you a link to your invoice in NixaPay where you will be able to pay the invoice for whichever service you applied for. Your application will not be considered complete until payment has been received.

This process will apply for:


Thank you for your patience as the municipal government continues to transition to our new software systems. Keep in mind, we may be busy helping other customers with the transition. We are dedicated to making this software transition as smooth as possible, and we believe these new products will be more efficient for you, saving you time and reducing paperwork. 

If you need help accessing your Nixa Utilities account or making a utility payment, please contact or call 417-725-3229.

If you need help conducting any other city business and are having difficulty with the myNixa or NixaPay portals, please contact or call 417-725-3785.

We will also be able to assist you in person at City Hall or the Nixa Utilities billing office.