City of Nixa and Nixa Utilities Upgrading Payment Systems

City of Nixa and Nixa Utilities Upgrading Payment Systems

June 5, 2023


The City of Nixa is investing in upgrades to our billing systems and payment processes.

How this impacts our customers:

The City of Nixa, including Nixa Utilities, will not be able to accept any payments beginning 4:30pm on Wednesday, June 21 and continuing through Sunday, June 25th.

There is some possibility this timeframe when we cannot accept payments may be postponed to July, so please stay tuned to the city’s official electronic communications (emails,, and for the latest updates.

Our new, improved billing system is scheduled to be implemented beginning Monday, June 26th. Once the new system is operational, we will be able to accept payments again. This impacts all city services except the Parks & Recreation Department.

You may want to make payment before June 22nd for any of the following transactions:

You will not be charged late fees if you attempt to make a payment on your Nixa Utilities bill during the transition period while we are unable to accept payments.

Why we’re making these upgrades:

We are changing payment processors, upgrading our billing system and accounting software, and we will be installing payment kiosks. These upgrades will significantly improve the overall customer experience for paying the city for your utility bills, business licenses, permits, and more.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to these new and improved systems, as it is possible we may experience inconveniences during the process. Count on us to do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our goal is to make viewing your account and paying your bill easier to do on your own, with our support team ready to help if needed. We are confident these upgrades will make a better customer experience for you.

We will be posting updates about this process on, in email communications, and to the city’s official social media accounts.

Latest Updates:

UPDATE 6/7/2023: The City of Nixa and Nixa Utilities will not be able to accept any payments after 4:30pm CST on Wednesday June 21stand lasting through June 25th, until our new payment processing system and accounting software go online (scheduled for the morning of Monday June 26th.)

We previously communicated that the cutoff for payments would be 10am on Thursday June 22. However, in order to have the software conversion completed in time for Monday the 26th, we will not be able to accept any payments later than 4:30pm on June 21st.

We will communicate an update on the morning of Monday the 26th regarding the status of the new systems and your ability to make payment on transactions including Utility Bills, Permit Applications, Business Licenses, Rental Inspections, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How will this impact me if I pay my Nixa Utilities bill using Autopay/ACH?

If you have an ACH autopay set up from a checking account, you will not be impacted. Those arrangements will be copied over into our new payment processing system and we do not anticipate any interruptions in our ability to continue to process those payments as scheduled.

If you have an autopay set up from a credit card, you may or may not be impacted (depending on the method your bank uses to transfer payments to us). Not all credit card auto-pay arrangements will transfer automatically into the new system. We anticipate some credit card auto-pays will continue to come through without you needing to do anything, but for others, we anticipate previously set-up credit card auto-pays will not continue to come through because your bank may not recognize some things we are changing on our end. In which case, if payment from your card does not come through to us, you will get a notice from us after the due date that your payment is late (don’t worry, we won’t charge any late fee this time) and that will be your cue to log in to our new portal to set up your preferred payment method. At that time, you would be able to choose to set up ACH from a checking account or autopayments from a credit card, plus, we will be offering several new payment methods. If you wanted to set up autopay from the same card you previously had autopay through, you would be able to do that because your bank would be getting the updated information about our updated system. After that, everything should run smooth without interruptions.

If you experience any issues or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to call the Utility Billing office at 417-725-3229 or stop by the office during business hours and we’ll be able to assist you. Please bear in mind that the transition will probably keep us very busy for a few weeks, and we appreciate your patience as we work to help each customer through the transition.

How will this impact me if I mail a check each month to pay my Nixa Utilities bill?

The only impact to you if you mail in a payment would be if your check should arrive during the transition time when we cannot accept payments. In that case, we would not deposit the check on a day when our system is in transition, but we would likely hold the check for deposit until the first day the new system is up and running (which is scheduled to be Monday June 26.) However, there would be no late fee for you and our system would show that your check arrived on the day we received it, not the date we deposited it, keeping your account in good standing.

While you will continue to be able to mail in a check to our office to pay your utility bill, this is not a method we recommend because there is no guarantee the postal service will be able to deliver your mail on time. Sometimes mail gets lost or stolen, and there are other systems of payment where you don’t have to rely on anyone to physically transport your payment to us. Once the new payment system is operational, we will be offering some new ways of making automatic payments which are more reliable than sending checks through the mail, and we will be able to assist you in setting up one of these methods, giving you confidence that your payment will arrive on time each month, and eliminating the need to write and mail a check.