Brand Standards

The City of Nixa’s brand conveys the identity of both our community and the municipal government as an organization. Our brand is an expression of our organizational purpose, our dedication to public service, and commitment to the city’s mission, vision, and values.

The Communications Department is responsible for maintaining and updating this brand style guide. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the brand tool kit, please consult with the Director of Communications.

History and Community Identity

Welcome to the only Nixa in the world!

Nixa’s name is unique, and its origin has been traced by local historians back to 1881, when our small community post office was known as Faught. Located at a crossroads, the north-south route runs between Springfield, MO and Harrison, AR (now Main St.), while the east-west route runs between Ozark and Mt. Vernon (now Mt. Vernon St.). The US Postal Service informed the residents of this crossroads that there was a preexisting post office named Faught elsewhere in Missouri, and so they would need to select a new name to designate the place. The founders of the community met at the post office to invent a new name. They settled on Nixa either because “Nix” was German slang for nothing, as in “Nothing but a crossroads”, or because they drew upon the initials of Nicholas A. Inman (a locally respected Union veteran of the Civil War) and inserted an X to symbolize the crossroads.

Given our unique name and its history anchored to the town’s status as an important crossroads of the Ozarks, we have traditionally used the X as the primary symbol of the community.

The X has also grown in its significance over time. X marks the spot where you may find that which you treasure most. X signifies a multiplier of opportunity. The people of Nixa are the intangible X factor of our community. They are our town’s greatest asset. Our potential for forward progress comes from their vision and determination.

Our Brand


Nixa is a place people love to come home to. Whoever you are, you can find your place in Nixa.


Our municipal government is committed to enhancing quality of life for all our neighbors by providing exceptional, reliable, and innovative public services which facilitate forward progress.

Downloadable Logo Files

Staff, vendors and partners may download PDF or PNG vector files of our most frequently used logo files from the library below.

NOTE: If you need to use a less common version of one of these files (e.g. all-black single color version), or a highly specific logo file (such as the logos for specific park facilities or programs), please contact the Communications Department or the director of the department you are working with in order to access the logo files needed. We have .eps, .pdf, .png, .jpg and the original .ai vector files for each logo in both CMYK (PMS/Pantone/ideal for print) and RGB (ideal for digital screens).

Global Combination Mark (Red, Blue)

Primary Logo of the City

Download PDF Vector File:

Nixa Missouri Global Combination Mark CMYK Full Color

Download PNG File:

Nixa logo

City Flag (Red, White, Blue)

Symbol of the Community

Nixa Wordmark (Blue)


Nixa X Symbol (Red)

Converging Arrows/Crossroads

Nixa Silhouette Symbol (Blue, White)

Symbol of the Community

Nixa City Seal (Red, White, Blue)

Symbol of Council & Administration

Nixa Police Patch Logo (Red, White, Blue, Black)

Symbol of Police Dept.

Nixa Animal Control Logo (Red, Blue)

Symbol of Animal Control

Nixa Utilities Logo (Red, Blue, Green, Black)

Symbol of Utilities Depts. (billing, electric, water and sewer)

Nixa Utilities Electric Logo (Red, Black)

Symbol of Electric Dept.

Nixa Utilities Water Logo (Blue, Black)

Symbol of Water Dept.

Nixa Utilities Sewer Logo (Green, Black)

Symbol of Sewer (Wastewater) Dept.

Nixa Utilities Motto (Black)

Count on us with check mark

Nixa Public Works Logo (Red, Blue)

Symbol of Public Works Depts.

Nixa Streets Logo (Red, Blue)

Symbol of Street Dept.

Nixa Recycle Logo (Red, Blue)

Symbol of Recycle Center

Nixa Development Logo (Red, Blue)

Symbol of Planning & Development Dept.

Nixa Parks & Rec Logo (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black)

Symbol of Nixa Parks & Recreation Dept.