Board of Adjustments

Current Members:

Nixa City Council reconstituted the city’s Board of Adjustment in 2021. Current board members and their terms are outlined below.

  1. Kendal Dingus (1-year term expiring in 2022)
  2. Steve Russell (2-year term expiring in 2023)
  3. Sharon Whitehill-Gray (3-year term expiring in 2024)
  4. David Larsen (4-year term expiring in 2025)
  5. Joe LaRose (5-year term expiring in 2026)

The City of Nixa’s Board of Adjustment may consist of five (5) regular board members and three (3) alternate members. The appointment of alternate members is important because of the relatively small size of the board itself, the quorum requirement of four (4) members, and the provision that any decision of the Board may only pass upon the affirmative votes of at least four (4) members.