Backflow Prevention Device Tests

Does your home or business have either an in-ground sprinkler system or fire suppression system?

If so, remember to have the backflow prevention device tested on your system before July 1st each year.

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What is a “backflow prevention device?”

This device prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the city’s drinking water system. These devices need to be checked every year, ensuring they are working properly to keep our drinking water safe.

How can I have my system tested?

Normally, the company which installed your system will provide the test for you OR click below to see a list of test providers.

When is the test due?

The test results must be submitted to the Nixa Utilities Water Department each year by July 1st per city ordinance and Missouri Department of Natural Resources requirements. Failure to comply annually by July 1st can result in water service shut-off.

To submit test results, send an email to

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