4 the Love of K9s Dog Rescue Helps Nixa Animal Control with 1,000 Dogs!

4 the Love of K9s Dog Rescue Helps Nixa Animal Control with 1,000 Dogs!

May 1, 2024

Since its founding in 2003, 4 The Love of K9s dog rescue has made it their mission to save unwanted dogs from a horrible fate and find them loving homes. Because of the dedication of organization owner, Sherry Lee, and her team, 1,000 dogs have been rescued out of the Nixa Animal Control pound.

“I am very appreciative of the service 4 The Love of K9s provides to the city. This organization plays a vital role in saving and improving the lives of our furry friends. 4 The Love of K9s aims to save every dog who can be saved and is passionate about animals having a chance at life, even if they face medical or behavioral challenges. We are thankful for our collaborative partnership with Sherry and her team,” said Nixa Police Chief Joe Campbell.

“Since 2003, our mission has not changed…partnering with local animal control facilities to provide vet care for discarded, unwanted dogs and placing them in safe, loving forever homes, regardless of medical needs, age, or breed. We are a foster-based rescue saving Missouri dogs… one dog at a time,” said Sherry, proudly.

The process is simple. When Nixa Animal Control picks up a loose dog, it is held in the pound for at least five days, giving its owners time to come pick it up. If a dog’s owner never shows, that’s when Sherry and her team step in, networking with area volunteers to find a foster home or someone willing to adopt.

4 The Love of K9s takes care of all needed vet procedures, from basic vaccines and chipping to complex surgeries. An adoption fee covers the cost of the vaccines, chipping, and spay/neuter, but anything more comes out of the pockets of Sherry, her team, or generous donors. Cobblestone Veterinary Hospital in Nixa has played an instrumental role in the medical needs of the rescue.

Sherry emphasized the rescue process is only possible because of the 285 volunteers, including fosters, and the area businesses who support the rescue. They have no paid staff, and they rely solely on the dedication and sponsorship of our community.

When asked why she does what she does, Sherry simply stated, “After 20 years, it’s as much a part of me as breathing.”

The City of Nixa is sincerely grateful to 4 The Love of K9s for their dedication in helping local dogs find good homes and keeping the Nixa Animal Control a no-kill shelter.  If you’re interested in fostering, it’s becoming harder and harder to find committed homes, and Sherry welcomes you with open arms to help these dogs that would otherwise be put down: a fate no innocent animal should have to go through because of the negligence of past owners. You can follow the 4 The Love of K9s and 4 The Love of K9s Pups Facebook pages for rescue updates and posts.