2023 Employee Awards

2023 Employee Awards

February 2, 2024

Employee of the Year: Craig Donaldson

Craig has been with the city for 23 years. He started his career as a dispatcher for the Nixa Police Department, then moved to Utility Billing as a meter reader and locater where he served 14 years. He is now a part of the electric department, working as a substation technician. His job is to ensure our residents have continuous electrical services and to keep fellow staff safe while working near electrical lines. In addition to his normal daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, Craig also goes out of his way regularly to fill in for the locater position and even assist at Utility Billing when meter readers are understaffed or need assistance. He assists others with a helpful heart and integrity in his work. His dedication to the city and his exceptional work ethic make him very deserving of the 2023 Employee of the Year Award.

Innovation Award: Damian Smith

Damian has been a street department utility worker for almost twelve years. In 2022, the Department of Transportation mandated that all Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) applicants complete an accredited training course before acquiring their license, which would have cost the city almost $500 per new employee needing a license. Damian researched this new requirement and found that someone within the city could become a CDL instructor. Since becoming an instructor, he has trained almost all new employees for the past several years. His students have a very high pass rate when testing. Damian has even assisted other municipalities with their training courses. Due to his idea and research, willingness to go the extra mile and take on more responsibility to implement a successful new program, Damian is well-deserving of the 2023 Employee Innovation Award.

Customer Service Award: Elizabeth Gibson

As the Administrative Assistant at city hall, Elizabeth is the first face residents see when they walk through the glass doors and the voice they hear when they call our offices. She greets each person and makes them feel welcome, listens attentively and compassionately, and manages their concerns empathetically. She in knowledgeable in all aspects of the city and is abundant in the information she shares. She goes above and beyond in her duties from providing maps to new residents to sitting with citizens as they fill out paperwork. She has even been seen taking her notary stamp out to the parking lot to accommodate the elderly. Because of the nature of some concerns, she often deals with upset people, yet she treats them with respect no matter how they treat her. The 2023 Customer Service Award goes to Elizabeth for her diligence in making city hall guests feel cared for.

Team Player Award: Tyler DuVall

Tyler has been with the Nixa Police Department for about a year. From his first day on the job, he has made it very clear how much he enjoys working here. He is the kind of co-worker everyone wants to have. He will always have your back, bring you up when you are down, and can be counted on to represent the department and the city in a positive light. He goes the extra mile often – volunteering for extra assignments and covering staffing shortages. More recently, while the city was down a janitor, Tyler took the lead and suggested his squad help keep the department clean so the work didn’t fall on one individual. At another time, he gave up his patrol vehicle to a field training unit of two, knowing they’d be more comfortable in a larger car. This meant he had to drive an older, less-desirable vehicle himself. Tyler embodies the Team Player Award for his impact in making our organization and those around him better and for always performing at a high level.