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Customer Service & Code Enforcement

Carrie Goodman 7:16:19

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Customer Service

The Customer Service Department takes general questions and complaints. If you are unsure of who you need to talk to within the city, Customer Service can point you in the right direction. 

You can also call the Customer Service Department to report street light outages, pot holes, damaged street signs, and other issues of that nature. 

To report a nuisance violation or customer service request online, please fill out the request form at the bottom of this page.

Code of Ordinance Enforcement

The city of Nixa enforces Chapter 14 (Nuisance Code) to promote a sound and attractive community appearance; and to enhance the economic value of the community through the regulation of the maintenance and conditions of property. 

Please contact Customer Service to report any potential code violations or if you have any questions regarding the Nuisance Code. 

View Chapter 14-Nuisances in the Nixa Code of Ordinances

    Common Nuisance Complaints

    • Tall grass (12+ inches)
    • Vehicles/trailers parked in the grass
    • Dismantled/nonlicensed/junk vehicles parked outside
    • Accumulation of trash, junk, tires, and other offensive items

    Nuisance Complaint Procedure

    • Complaint is received
    • Complaint is investigated
    • Nuisance violation is confirmed or dismissed

    If violation is confirmed:

    • Property owner or current occupant is notified of the violation and is typically given 7 days to correct or abate the nuisance violation.
    • If the property is still in violation after 7 days, a ticket is issued.

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