Nixa Utilities Electric Outage Map

Electric Outages

Please check the map below to see if the Nixa Utilities electric department is already aware that there is an electric outage in your area.

If the address where you live is NOT inside a highlighted area, please call 417-725-3229 to report the outage.

If the address where you live IS inside a highlighted area of the map, that means we are already aware that your area is without power, so please only call 417-725-3229 in order to report visible damage to our electric system including:

  • Line down
  • Exploded transformer
  • Tree limb on line
  • Damaged utility pole

Outage Map

Report an Outage Form

You may also report damage to our electric system using our online “Report an Outage” form below.

Report an Electric Outage

To report a power outage, please first call 417-725-3229. If the line is busy, you may use this form to report the location of a power outage, or to report the location of visibly damaged electric system infrastructure. It is important to note that staff may not be notified of your submission until the next business day, which is why the fastest way to report an outage 24/7 is by calling 417-725-3229.
The power is currently out at my address
Utility Account in Good Standing(Required)
NOTE: If your Nixa Utilities account is past due, the power may have been cut off to your address until payment arrangements are made to bring the account back into good standing. Once payment is made, we will dispatch a utility worker to restore power on the next business day.

Help us restore power faster

Reporting the location of visibly damaged electric system infrastructure can help our electric line workers to identify the sources of outages faster so we can repair them and restore power. If you see damage, please tell us ASAP!
I don't see any damaged electric infrastructure
To report the location of visibly damaged electric system infrastructure, please select one of the following
Address as close as possible to the exact location where we can find the damage which you are reporting.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.