June 2018 Minutes

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Planning and Zoning June 2018 Minutes

P & Z Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2018 7:00 P.M.

Members Present: Robert Wilson, Bob Blondo, Jack Bickler, Loren Winter, David Young, Bud Jones.  Members Absent: Joe Gallant, Jarad Giddons, Steve Huff.

The minutes from May 7, 2018 were approved with a motion from Loren Winer and a second from Jack Bickler. All voted aye.

The agenda was approved with a motion from Bob Blondo and a second from Bud Jones. All voted aye.



Agenda Items:

18-06-01 Special Use – 911 N Kenneth

Staff Report:

Travis Cossey presented the staff report for the Special Use Permit requested for 911 N. Kenneth.  Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Bader have submitted a request for a special use permit to allow for the operation of a veterinary clinic to include outdoor facilities for large animal care.  The applicants have requested permission to construct a 25’ X 35’ in the rear of the building to accommodate care of large animals.  The applicants have provided numbers that indicate that only 7% of their business operations are large animals.  The intent is to allow for customers with large animals to have the ability to bring in their animals for care in situations where a home visit is not possible.  The applicants have indicated that this is an infrequent occurrence and they do not expect it more than 10-15 times per year.  The use of the pen is for temporary use only and no overnight boarding in the enclosure will occur.  Based on the information provided staff has recommended approval with the conditions that no overnight care will be allowed and complaints regarding odor or noise will trigger a review of the SUP by PZ and Council.

 Public Hearing

Robert Wilson opened the public hearing to anyone who would like to speak on the request.  Sara and Ryan Bader were present to answer any questions the Commission might have.  Bud Jones asked if the applicants were comfortable with the condition of no overnight stay.  Mr. Bader indicated that they are since that is not their intent, they will not have feed, water or bedding necessary to accommodate overnight stays.  Jack Bickler asked about the strength of the enclosure.  Mr. Bader provided information regarding the construction of the pen and its ability to house and keep large animals within the enclosure.  Robert Wilson asked about cleanup of the pen.  MR. Bader addressed those comments regarding his intention to haul off feces produced by the large animals, and he again expressed his intent to only have animals in the pen for a brief time. 



With no further discussion Robert Wilson closed the public hearing.  Bud Jones made a motion to approve the Special Use Permit request with the conditions as presented by staff with Bob Blondo seconding and all voting aye. 

Planner’s Report

Staff reminded the P&Z Commission about the special meeting scheduled for June 18th to reconsider the application for an amended Preliminary Plat for McCroskey Plaza considering additional information that has been forwarded by the applicant. 

Bob Blondo made a motion to adjourn with Bud Jones seconding.  All voted aye.



P&Z Secretary, Bud Jones