February 2019 Minutes

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Planning and Zoning February 2019 Minutes

P & Z Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2019 7:00 P.M

Members Present: Robert Wilson, Kami Patrick, Joe Gallant, Bob Blondo, Jarad Giddens, Steve Huff, Sarah Bader, Loren Winter, David Young.  Members Absent: None.

The minutes from January 7, 2018 with corrections were approved with a motion by Loren Winter and a second by Jarad Giddens. All voted aye.

The agenda was approved with a motion from Bob Blondo and a second from Steve Huff. All voted aye.



Agenda Items:

Nominations and Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary

Robert Wilson opened the floor for nominations.  Mr. Wilson stated that as Chairman he was willing to continue if no one else was interested.  Joe Gallant nominated Loren Winter for Chairman with a second by Steve Huff.  All voted aye.  Elected as Chairman, Loren Winter took over duties. 

Steve Huff nominated David Young as Vice-Chairman with a second by Joe Gallant.  All voted aye.

Steve Huff nominated Jarad Giddens to continue as Secretary with a second by Joe Gallant.  All voted aye. 

19-2-01 Minor Subdivision Request – Gene Street Industrial Center

Staff Report:  

Scott Godbey presented the staff report for the Minor Subdivision request.  Mr. Godbey stated that the applicant was wanting to plat property that has not been previously platted.  Lot 1 is approximately 8.66 acres and contain only Diversified Plastics property.  Lot 2 will be approximately 1.82 acres and will belong to Fleischmann’s Vinegar property.

Public Hearing

No one was present to speak on behalf of the Applicant.


Joe Gallant made a motion to approve the minor subdivision with a second by Jarad Giddens.  All voted aye. 

19-2-02 Annexation Request – 1282 Westside Blvd.

Staff Report

Scott Godbey presented the staff report for the Annexation request.  Mr. Godbey stated that the applicant is requesting annexation in order to allow for the extension of water service to serve the existing metal structure located on the parcel.  Staff has found the application in conformance with City of Nixa’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Public hearing

Loren Winter asked if anyone was present to talk about the annexation.  No one was present.


Robert Wilson made a motion to approve the annexation with a second by David Young.  All voted aye.


19-2-03 & 19-2-04 Rezone and Preliminary Plat – Wicklow Ph 5 & Ph 6

Staff Report

Travis Cossey presented the staff report for the Rezone and Preliminary Plat together.  Mr Cossey reminded the Commissioners that they would have to vote on each request separately.  Mr Cossey gave a brief history of the subject property and explained that the original approval was in November of 2003 and included single-family, multi-family, and commercial activity.  Phase 5 and Phase 6 are the last remaining areas to be developed of the original 291-acre development.

The applicant is requesting an amendment to the approved preliminary plat to provide a new layout that will increase the size of the R-1 (single family) lots in Phase 6 to provide for a reduction in the number of residential units from 103 lots to 38 lots by increasing the size of the lots. It is proposed that ph 6 will be a gated area with private streets owned by the development.  Phase 5 proposed a reduction in the size and shape of the NC (neighborhood commercial) lots reducing the number from three to one 3-acre lot.   Lot 2 will increase R-3 (multi-family) zoned lot to 26.95 acres.  Staff recommends approval of both requests.

Sarah Bader asked for an example of how many units 22,000 sq ft would accomodate.  Travis Cossey stated that there would be approximately 11 units between 1500-2500 sq. ft. each.  But that was just an example of what could be built in a Neighborhood Commercial zoned area.  Ms. Bader asked if there were any proposals for what would be built there, Mr. Cossey stated that there were no proposals at this time.

David Young asked if the remainder of Ph 5 would be zoned for multifamily.  Mr. Cossey stated that it was.  Kami Patrick asked if Ph. 6 would be gated.  Mr. Cossey stated it would be and the number of lots would be reduced to accommodate larger lots. Mr. Young asked about the band of yellow just below the R-3 zoned area.  Mr. Cossey stated that it was a non-buildable drainage area.

Robert Wilson asked what type of business was allowed in NC zoned areas.  Mr. Cossey stated that the business would have to be conducive to the surrounding area with no outside storage and the hours of operation would be conducive to a neighborhood setting.  Mr. Wilson asked if gas stations were allowed.  Mr. Cossey stated that only convenience type stores without gas pumps are allowed unless a Special Use permit was obtained.  

Public Hearing

Loren Winter asked if there was anyone present who would like to speak concerning this issue.

Mr. Clayton Hines, Shafer and Hines Engineering, approached the Commission.  Mr. Hines said that they were asking for a reduction in commercial area due to it being so hard to sell the larger piece as an NC zoned area.

Mr. Arch Watson, 2808 S Ingram Mill Rd Ste 100 Springfield MO 65804.  Mr. Watson stated that the strip center across from City Hall was approximately 123,000 sq. ft. for comparison to what could be built in the smaller NC zoned area.  Mr. Watson said that along CC from Cheyenne to Main Street contained approximately 80 acres that was available for commercial development to serve this area.  He feels that trying to sell 7 – 8 acres in Ph 6 was not viable but reducing it to 3 acres is justified.

Pat O’Reilly, 5051 S National #4-100 Springfield MO  65810.  Mr. O’Reilly stated that when this development was first established in 2003 they were not sure if CC or Tracker Rd would be the main thoroughfare.  Now it is determined that CC is the major corridor and making this the commercial zone for this development is the highest and best use.  Mr. O’Reilly stated that he was very excited about Phase 6.  With the larger lots and keeping as many trees as possible, he feels this is a unique area and will offer high-end single-family homes.  Jarad Giddens asked what type of multi family would be built.  Mr. O’Reilly stated that there was not a buyer yet, so he couldn’t answer that question at this time.

Sam Clifton, Millstone Homes 1519 N Commercial Nixa Mo.  Mr. Clifton stated that as a home builder stated that he was excited about Ph 6 because it would be the first gated community in Nixa.  He feels that it will fill up fast and bring a different aspect to the area. 


Joe Gallant made a motion to approve the rezone request with conditions as stated with a second by Robert Wilson.  All voted aye.

David Young asked if the preliminary plat would be completed all at the same time or split up.  Mr. Cossey stated that it was allowed to have phases.  Mr. Clayton Hines said the intent was to split it into 2 phases, with the North part being constructed first followed by the South part.

Joe Gallant made a motion to approve the preliminary plat request with conditions as stated with a second by Jarad Giddens.  All voted aye.

Planner’s Report


With no further business, Jarad Giddens made a motion to adjourn with a second by David Young.  All voted aye.



P&Z Secretary, Jarad Giddens