Brian Steele

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Mayor of Nixa

Brian Steele 2018 5x7Brian Steele has served as Mayor since 2014 and has been on city council since 2010. A software developer by training, Brian currently works as an Azure Cloud Consultant for Pragmatic Works Consulting.

Brian was born in Kansas, but his family moved to Nixa in 1979. A graduate of Nixa High School, Brian graduated from SMSU and attended Washington University Law School in St. Louis. “Nixa is my home town,” Brian says, “I have lived in big cities, but I enjoy Nixa’s small town feel and its access to big-city services, businesses, and activities.” He brought his family back to Nixa in 2003, when his eldest daughter began school, because he wanted his children to experience Nixa schools and be near family.

Brian decided to run for council and, later for Mayor, after he had the opportunity to work from home. He says it seemed like a perfect way to help his family, friends, and neighbors by being more involved in the community.

Brian’s top priorities are economic development, infrastructure, core services, and quality of life. He believes creating new businesses and jobs for Nixa residents will expand our economic base and fund improvements to streets, parks, schools, etc. “I will work to improve Nixa’s three most important assets,” Brian says, “Our city infrastructure, police and parks.” “As a key part of that, I see a day in the not-so-distant future when every school, neighborhood, park and business will be inter-connected with sidewalks, bike paths, and trails,” Brian says. He hopes these efforts will help grow Nixa’s reputation as one of the best places to live.

“Prior to joining council,” Brian says, “I had always believed that government could be run like a business. I have found that while many of the principles that create success in business can help in government (such as strategic planning, customer service, and innovative thinking), the two are bound by different limitations and driven by different goals.”

Brian says the best part of serving on council so far has been working with other leaders and city staff who are guided by Nixa’s best interests.