Utility Bill Automated Notification System

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How to know Nixa Utilities is really calling, not a scammer

In August of 2019, Nixa Utilities began using an automated notification system which generates phone calls and/or text messages to alert customers when their account is past due.

Why we use this notification system:

This notification system is intended to provide another reminder regarding past due accounts so that we don’t have to get to the point when utility services are disconnected.


How it works:

  • Our computer system will send automated phone calls to customers when their account is past due, and a penalty has been applied. Another message will be sent right before any account is due to be disconnected.
  • Our automated calls regarding past due accounts use the following script:
    • “This is the City of Nixa with an important message for {First Name}{Last Name}. Your account at {ServiceAddress} is currently past due. In order to avoid disconnection and additional fees we must receive payment by 8:30 AM on {Disconnect Date}. Your current past due balance is {Account Balance}. You may make a payment via our website at www.Nixa.com or with a debit or credit card by phone at 417-725-3229, or at our office at 707 West Center Circle.”
  • Only those who opt-in for text messages will receive these alerts as text messages rather than as phone calls. Text notifications will include a link to municipalonlinepayments.com, where you can make a payment on your Nixa Utilities account.

How to know Nixa Utilities is really calling you, not a scammer:

We know that occasionally scammers may call Nixa residents pretending to be government agencies or utility companies, so here are some tips on how to know the difference between our authentic calls and any scammers who may pretend to be us.

  • Scammers are humans who pressure you to make payment before the end of the call. Nixa Utilities calls are made by an automated system which cannot take payment over the phone, and these calls are only meant to remind customers that their account is past due.
  • Scammers ask for payment in the form of gift cards. Nixa Utilities will never ask for payment in the form of gift cards.
  • Scammers will tell you there is no other way to make payment other than on the phone “right now”. Nixa Utilities reminds you of other ways you can pay, such as at our office, online at Nixa.com, or by hanging up and calling 725-3229.

If in doubt, don’t pay by phone – visit our office instead:

707 W. Center Circle, Nixa MO 65714

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Payments may be left in a drop box at our drive-thru at any time.

Or make a payment on our website.