Stormwater Management Plan

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Overview of the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP).

The City of Nixa's Stormwater Management Plan is posted here for public review and reference. This plan defines and sets goals for Nixa's approach to management of storm water, including details for how we comply with regulations and standards. Each chapter may be accessed through the side menu. Click on highlighted words in order to view or download the corresponding documents within each chapter.

Executive Summary:

The following document is an outline for the City of Nixa, Missouri to use it as it enters the 2017-2021 permit term of the Phase II MS4s Program. The City intends to comply with the regulations as outlined by the State of Missouri General Permit No. MO-R040067 to the maximum extent practicable. This document is divided into a total of nine chapters. The first chapter begins with an outline of the plan coordination and overview of the program. As the chapters progress, the City's approach to meeting the six minimum control measures (MCM) is clearly outlined with the final chapter devoted to setting the framework for record keeping.

The City understands the importance of clean streams and rivers. One of the most important steps in ensuring clean streams and rivers is to improve the quality of stormwater runoff. As the City develops this program over the next permit term, it is the hope that measurable positive impacts will be seen by the City and its citizens.

Below is the summary of what you will find in each chapter of the plan.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Plan Coordination. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Executive Summary
    • Definitions
    • Table of Contents
    • Plan Coordination
    • Ms4 Phase II Overview
    • City of Nixa MDNR General Operating Permit
    • Explanation of Plan Coverage
    • Location Maps
    • Endangered Species/Critical Habitats
    • Public Viewing of this Stormwater Management Plan and Related Documents
  • Chapter 2: Committees and Manuals. This chapter contains a brief description of the different manuals involved with this SWPM and the duties of the different committees that will be assembled to help with updating these manuals.
  • Chapter 3: Public Education and Outreach. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Benefits of Public Education and Outreach
    • General Pollution Prevention Compliance Activities
    • Storm Drain stenciling and Medallion Application
    • Educational Programs for School-age Children
    • Public SWMP Educational Workshop
    • Event Participation with Educational Displays at Home Shows and Community Festivals
    • Stormwater Brochures or Fact Sheets for General Public and Specific Audiences
    • EPA Door Hangers
    • Utility Billing Message
    • Utilization of the City Website
    • Electronic and Social Media
  • Chapter 4: Public Involvement and Participation. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Public Involvement in Stormwater Plan Review and Development
    • Public Participation and Involvement Program
    • Public Notice and Public Hearing for Review of Stormwater Documents
    • Stormwater Advisory Committee
    • Storm Drain Medallion Program (with public involvement)
    • "Adopt A Street" Program
    • Stream Team Clean-ups
    • Rain Barrel Rebate Program
  • Chapter 5: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE). This chapter addresses the following:
    • Identification and Mapping of Stormwater System
    • Illicit Discharge Prohibition Enforcement
    • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
    • Identifying Priority Areas
    • Stormwater System and Outfall Map
    • Development and Implementation of Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Plan
    • Cure In Place Pipe
    • Pressure Washing and Impervious Surface Cleaning
    • IDDE Onsite Annual Inspections of: Commercial and Industrial Properties, City Owned Public Facilities and Stormwater Outfalls
    • Employee Training
    • Stormwater Sample Monitoring
  • Chapter 6: Construction Site Runoff. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Benefits of a Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Program
    • Land Disturbance, Illicit Discharge and Erosion Control, Stormwater Ordinance
    • Pre-Development Review Team
    • Pre-Construction Meetings
    • Development and Commercial Plan Review Process
    • Site Inspections and Enforcement
    • Construction Operator Weekly BMP Site Inspections
    • Construction Site BMP Manual for Land Disturbance Activities
  • Chapter 7: Post Construction Runoff. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Benefits of a Post-Construction Stormwater Program
    • Program Intent
    • Maximum Extent Practicable
    • Stormwater Advisory Committee
    • Post-Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance
    • Low Impact Development
    • Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan
    • Home Owners Association (HOA) Involvement
  • Chapter 8: Municipal Operations. This chapter addresses the following:
    • Benefits of a Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Program
    • City Operation and Maintenance
    • Municipal Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Plan
    • City of Nixa Employee Stormwater Operation & Maintenance (O & M) Plan Committee
    • Municipal Operation Facilities Inspections
    • Hazardous Materials Management