Criminal Investigations

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Criminal Investigations is responsible for the investigation and follow-up of crimes referred to Criminal Investigations. There are over 500 cases referred to Criminal Investigations annually.
There are three detectives assigned to Criminal Investigations. The detectives are trained in various specialties such as crimes against children, sex crimes, death investigation, interview and interrogation techniques, truth verification and narcotics investigations. They also provide public education in areas such as internet safety and identity theft prevention.
All cases referred to Criminal Investigations are reviewed for solvability factors. Case solvability is determined by the existence of leads. These leads must indicate the potential for successful arrest and conviction. If a case has a good chance of solvability, the case is assigned to a detective for follow-up. If sufficient leads do not exist, the case will be unassigned. If new information develops in the future, a case can be assigned to a detective for follow-up.

For questions, concerns or compliments involving Criminal Investigations, please contact Sgt Clark at 417-725-2510 or by email.