#9PM Routine

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Have  you head about or seen the #9PM Routine on social media?

In august 2017 the Pasco County Florida Sheriff's Office began a social media campaign called #9PM Routine. In short the idea is to post on social media platforms at 9 pm reminding the community to lock their cars and homes before they go to bed. The effort was the idea of Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco and the office's assistant executive director Chase Daniels. In November of 2019 the Sheriff's Office revealed that the #9PM Routine was now a trademarked phrase owned by the Pasco County Sheriff Office. 

In March of 2019 the Nixa Police Department began participating in the campaign by posting reminders on random nights on our Facebook page at 9 pm.

Our goal is to provide our followers a reminder to lock everything up before calling it a night.


  • LOCK UP your car, house, windows, garage, gates, shed
  • TURN ON exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems
  • BRING IN valuables from your car, yard, patio

If you want to see more of our #9PM Routine post visit our Facebook Page #9PM Routine photo album