How we count crime statistics

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Nixa Police lead Southwest Missouri in transition to NIBRS

In August of 2019, the Nixa Police Department transitioned its system for reporting crime statistics from the old Summary Reporting System (SRS) to a new, more thorough method known as National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

This is part of the exciting changes under way in how crime is counted and reported in the United States. The transition is driven by demand for more accurate and detailed crime stats. The FBI is pushing law enforcement agencies around the country to transition to NIBRS by January 1, 2021. This transition will expand the crime analysis capabilities not only at the local level, but also at the state and federal levels.

Nixa was picked to receive federal grant money to be among a select group of agencies to make the transition to NIBRS ahead of the rest of the nation. The grant funding meant that Nixa taxpayers did not have to foot the bill for this transition. Nixa, Springfield, Greene County, and other regional agencies transitioned together to NIBRS using the same Report Management Software. The new software (Niche RMS) which enables us to comply with NIBRS standards also allows our regional agencies to share information more easily. The enhanced statistical data from this new reporting system also allows Nixa Police to use resources more strategically and effectively, although the time required to complete each crime report has also increased with the transition.

Nixa, as an early adopter of NIBRS, expects to see an increase in statistics compared to area agencies which have not yet made the transition, but that does not necessarily mean that our community will have experienced an increase in crime. Rather than reporting only the highest chargeable offense related to a particular incident which may have actually involved multiple crimes which we investigated, the new system allows us to report each offense related to the incident. For example, if in a single incident, someone steals your personal property and then assaults you, we would have previously only been able to report the assault as a crime stat to the FBI, because it was the higher offense. The new system means we would report both the theft and the assault to the FBI for statistical purposes.

Over time, the more detailed data provided by the NIBRS system will allow Nixa Police to analyze, understand, prevent, and solve crimes more effectively.

For more information about crime statistics, including the UCR Crime Data Explorer system through which you can find statistics about crime in Nixa, visit the FBI's website.

To see a summary of our annual statistics, view our annual reports.