Animal Control FAQ

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  • Animal Control FAQ

    • Can I catch diseases from my animal?

    • Can I vaccinate my animal for rabies myself?

    • Can my animal be tethered/chained?

    • Do I have to get my dog/cat spayed/neutered?

    • Does the 7 in 1 shot cover rabies?

    • Does the Animal Control Unit catch feral cats?

    • Does the City of Nixa have a limit on the number of animals a person can own?

    • Does the City of Nixa lend out animal traps?

    • How often do I have to get my dog vaccinated for rabies?

    • If the City of Nixa has a leash law, why can cats run loose?

    • What counts as an appropriate shelter?

    • What do I do if my animal is impounded?

    • What is an Animal at large?

    • Why must my animal be quarantined if it has had its rabies shot?