Please Conserve Water

Please Conserve Water

July 6, 2022

Now Through July 22

Nixa Utilities water customers: Please conserve water now through July 22nd.

How you can voluntarily help through Friday, July 22nd:

Due to extremely hot weather and lack of recent rainfall, our customers have been using much higher than usual amounts of water, which is resulting in low water pressure in certain areas of town. Investigations by water department crews have found no leaks or abnormal issues except for excessive use, especially from yard irrigation systems.

Though increased use is typical for this time of year, recent activity is above typical, and we are beginning to see stresses on the system which results in issues such as lower-than-normal water pressure.

Nixa Utilities is asking residents to curb excessive water use to avoid moving into a Stage I Water Emergency in which certain water conservation measures would become mandatory.

We are continually re-evaluating the need for water conservation and will extend or terminate this request as appropriate.