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Tests of Nixa drinking water continue to show very low levels of lead and copper

Post Date:08/28/2019 2:16 PM
The Nixa Utilities water department works every day to ensure our drinking water is safe. We monitor our drinking water periodically to ensure there are no elevated levels of anything that could cause health hazards, such as lead and copper.
We test for these levels because lead may pose serious health risks and copper, although a common part of everyone’s diet, may pose health risks for those with a rare genetic disorder known as Wilsons Disease.
Nixa Utilities water department has recently received results from its most recent tests for lead and copper levels in our drinking water. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Nixa undergoes this testing once every three years.
Defining “Safe” Water:
Ideally, water would have no detectable lead in it. If a water utility were to find lead at a level of 15 parts per billion (15 ug/l) at 90% of the homes tested (the lead “Action Level” set by the EPA), that utility would have to take action to remedy the situation, such as adding a chemical to adjust the pH of the water to reduce corrosiveness. Likewise, a utility would be required to take action if they were to find a copper level of 1300 parts per billion (1300 ug/l) at 90% of the homes tested (the copper “Action Level” set by the EPA).
Nixa’s 2019 Test Results:
This year, (as in all previous tests) Nixa’s lead and copper levels tested well below the action levels. Our 90thpercentile for lead was 1.77 ug/l. Our 90th percentile for copper was 76.1 ug/l. No action is necessary because the action levels were not exceeded.
Which homes do we test?
We tested 30 homes in the Nixa city limits which are most vulnerable to lead and copper levels because of the materials used in their plumbing. Lead pipes are no longer installed as service lines or used in household plumbing. Lead solder has been banned in Missouri since 1989. We do not test homes with lead-free plumbing systems.

Nixa also produces annual Water Quality Reports which can be viewed on our website.

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